Tuesday, December 10, 2013


We inherited many beautiful and special crochet patterns from Grandma Cat. When Baby Cat saw this one, she just couldn't resist the adorbs and knew she had to make one for her wedding cake! 

Recognize these two cuties?
It looks like someone turned Baby Cat and Fiancé Cat into crochet dolls again!
Baby Cat crocheted the whole thing using Aunt Lydia's crochet thread, then blocked each piece and used a fabric stiffener to make them hold their shape. Baby and Fiancé Cat's wedding colors are represented in the royal blue satin ribbon and delicate silver beads, as well as the tiny bouquet. Momma Cat and Baby Cat combed the entire floral department at the JoAnn's Superstore in search of miniature blue and white flowers, only to find this perfect ready-made bouquet in the scrapbooking section!

This is the original picture from the book, Baby Cat altered it just a bit to fit her and Fiancé Cat's wedding style

Mini Fiancé Cat has curly blond doll hair. Baby Cat tried brown curly doll hair on her own miniature but it proved too poofy and unruly when she tried to style it (just like Baby Cat's Hair can sometimes be in real life!) so yarn hair seemed like a better option. Mini Baby Cat's hairstyle is very similar to the one she plans to have at the wedding

The whole thing is 6'' in diameter and 7'' tall and cuter than stuffing!

-Baby Cat

Monday, December 2, 2013


If you are doing your online shopping for Cyber Monday,  don't forget to check out Baby Cat's Etsy and Ravelry shops! She has several cute patterns for sale; the perfect thing if you are doing handmade gifts for the holidays, or if you just want to give your favorite crocheter a pattern and some yarn as a gift.

Baby Cat's original Coraline doll pattern just went on sale. You could be the first to add Coraline to your holiday gift list! This Coraline doll is super easy to make and includes a removable raincoat with a hood so she is all set for adventures, no matter what the weather brings! (Note: don't actually take her in the rain, but use your imagination!) You could even have fun adapting the pattern to look like someone you know, then give them the doll as a gift! Personalized gifts are the best!

-Baby Cat

Tuesday, November 12, 2013


It's about that time of year again...as soon as Halloween is over, monsters turn into elves and Jack Skellington and his friends begin their preparations to take over Christmas! This Jack Skellington doll found a good home at the St. Agatha Holiday Bazaar over the weekend, but that doesn't mean he is gone for good...

Jack hanging out at the Bazaar

If you would like a Jack Skellington Santa doll of your very own, Baby Cat is selling her original pattern on Ravelry and in our Etsy shop. Or, if you are not a crocheter yourself, we also take special orders! Just comment below or email us at kayassunta@gmail.com to place an order. But beware, we can only fill a limited number of orders by Christmas!

-Baby Cat

Sunday, November 3, 2013


I found this wonderful little guy wandering around looking kind of lost.  His name is Romeo, and he's so little and sweet, you just have to love him.

Romeo on the ironing board

As you can see, Romeo is very tiny, and has a big heart.  He is under my protection, because our little Midna Cat would probably like to terrorize him.  We can't have that, now can we?

- Momma Cat

Friday, November 1, 2013


Okay, this cat just showed up on my doorstep a few days ago.  It was an average looking cat, nothing special about it.  But, it demanded to be let in.  It said that it was a sibling of Tangerine, Pepper, and the rest of the gang.  So I thought, why not?  So I let the little fellow in. Big mistake!

He wouldn't tell me his name, but the next thing I know, he's declaring himself the ULTIMATE OREGON DUCKS FAN cat!  Then he locked himself in our bathroom and died his fur green and yellow!  On game day, he donned this little teeny-tiny Ducks t-shirt and insisted that we let him watch the game with us!  Imagine his disappointment when I explained that we DON'T have cable and the BEST we could do is listen to the game on the radio! Oh, and then he opens his backpack and brings out this perfectly adorable little duck, who was a lot quieter and better behaved, I can tell you!

I have to say, the cat was very obnoxious throughout the game.  He caterwauld  every single time the Ducks had the ball, no matter what happened.   You should've seen him when the Ducks won the game!  He was literally climbing the curtains!

Needless to say, this cat, and his little ducky friend are being shipped out ASAP!  My Big Sister Cat in Hawaii wants me to send them to her.  I'm not sure the cat deserves it, but the duck does.  Anyway, I'm going to do it, if anything just to get some peace and quiet back in this place!

I'd still like to know where the heck that cat got his little, teeny, tiny Ducks t-shirt????

- Momma Cat

Friday, October 18, 2013


Just in time for Halloween...it's the Pumpkin King himself! Baby Cat's original Jack Skellington crochet pattern is now available for free on Ravlery. Click here to get the pattern and make your own Jack doll to add to your Halloween collection!

-Baby Cat

Saturday, October 12, 2013


Every year about this time I start talking about the St. Agatha Holiday Bazaar.  This will be the fourteenth year that Baby Cat and I have participated!!!  Believe me, we are just as excited this year as we were the very first time.  Only, hopefully, we are a lot wiser.  

Both Baby Cat and I make things we think everyone will enjoy seeing.  We try to keep our prices reasonable so that all of our items are affordable for people that really WANT to own them.  

We hope you will stop by the Holiday Bazaar this year to see our creations, AND to meet us, if we haven't already met .  

Here's the Bazaar flyer with all the details.  Please feel free to tell everyone you know about it.  The more the merrier, we always say!  

Even though it's early, Happy Holidays!  From the Cat Family.

- Momma Cat


Momma Cat has been seriously sewing and crocheting for months now to get ready for the annual St. Agatha Holiday Bazaar, which will be on November 9 and 10 this year (Momma will post a flyer in a later blog post)

Here are two of her new medium sized bags that she just finished.  She has also made "Greensleeves" to match them.  

medium sized bags by Momma Cat

There is a large blue bag (not pictured here) that matches the one in this photo in our inventory.  So make sure to come by the Holiday Bazaar and check it out.  

We look forward to seeing all our old friends, and hopefully some new ones, in November!

- Momma Cat

Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Of course, if you've heard those words once,  you'd know exactly who they came from, and when.  If you don't remember, I'll clue you in.  Remember the cute little blue alien in the Disney movie, Lilo and Stitch?  Well Stitch says "Meega Na La Queesta" to the Council and is immediately thrown off  the planet and sent to Earth.  I fell in love with Stitch during that movie and have waited for years to make one of my own.

Here's my little Stitch I just finished crocheting using a pattern I got off of Ravelry.com.  It's from Sweet 'n Cute Creations, by a woman named Shannen Nicole.  Thank you Shannen!

Stitch playing with (who else?) Stitch!

 You can see why I love him so much!  He's adorable, and actually turns out to be a really great little guy.  

-  Momma Cat

Saturday, October 5, 2013


I've been making a lot of things for the upcoming St. Agatha Holiday Bazaar.  Here are a couple of bags I just finished.  First the large bag (on the left), has a cell phone pocket on the outside, and four pockets on the inside.  

The second bag (on the right) , which is a medium sized bag, has one medium sized pocket, and two large pockets on the inside.

Large Bag, Medium Bag, and Greensleeve

Both bags are quilted and lined, they have magnetic closures, and the pockets all have velcro closures on them.  

Also, in the middle you will see a "Greensleeve" that I made out of the excess fabric.  Greensleeves are totally washable and dryable, and fit on hot or cold coffee cups.  Not only are they pretty, they protect your hands, they absorb moisture, and they save trees!

All these items will be for sale at the upcoming St. Agatha Holiday Bazaar.  The first weekend in November, at St. Agatha Church in Portland, Oregon.

- Momma Cat

Friday, October 4, 2013


This little cutie just showed up and Baby Cat and Fiancé Cat's house last night! She just moved to Portland for school and was looking for a place to live. Right now she is sleeping on Baby Cat's sewing table, but she might be looking for a new home at the St. Agatha Christmas Bazaar in a month or so.

Cosette hanging around Baby Cat's sewing machine

If you would like to make Cosette, her original pattern is available in our Etsy shop for $5, or by visiting Baby Cat's Ravelry profile. She is so much fun to have around!

-Baby Cat

Thursday, October 3, 2013


Okay, I thought we were all done with cats around here.  I mean, now that the summer has ended, rather abruptly, I might add, I figured that stray cats might stop showing up a our door.  

Boy, I couldn't have been more wrong.  This is the scene I came upon, a couple of days ago, after mistakenly leaving a paper bag on top of my ironing board. 

Cats love paper bags!
A while later, I was walking through the living room to get to my sewing machine, so I could do some work, but then I saw these two sitting together on my sewing desk.

Midna and Tangerine atop Momma's sewing  desk

They seemed to be hitting it off together, so I decided to go do something else for a while so the two of them could have some time together. 

 I know they've begun to really like each other, because I found Tangerine in a totally different place than I left her in, so I think Midna's  been having some fun with her.  

- Momma


Tuesday, October 1, 2013


I was at Yarntastic Fiber Arts a few weeks ago for Craft Night.  Lesley (one of the owners) said that she really loved the little doll that I was making.  Now, I don't usually do this, but Lesley and Dave (her husband), have been so nice to me, I decided to make Lesley a little doll all of her own.  

Lesley's New Baby

So, here she is.  I named the last baby I made, Candy.  I wonder what Lesley will name this one? I wonder if she'll keep this baby in her shop so all of her customers can see it?  I guess we will see!

- Momma Cat

Monday, September 16, 2013


Well, you know what they say about bad pennies that keep turning up?  This afternoon this guy showed up in my living room and cleaned out our candy dish!  

Teufel II stealing all our Werthers from the candy dish!

He just walked in and went right for it.  It was almost as if we weren't even there.  He had absolutely no respect at all!

The worst part was that he took all the candy!  He didn't even leave one piece!  He said there was nothing I could do about it, and if I complained he'd tell the people at Weight Watchers about my candy stash!  Like they'd care.  He also told me that if I replaced it, he'd be back to collect it.  Then he laughed and ran out the door.  

I can only guess that he went back to be with his little friend Teufel, wherever it is that the little devils live.  We can't say that word on this blog!  

- Momma Cat

Sunday, September 15, 2013


Last night Bubbles came to stay at the Cat family's house.  But, it was so late at night, she just wanted to eat and go to sleep.  Typical cat, huh?

This morning she was much refreshed and agreed to having her photo taken with some bird friends she made along her journey. I asked them what their names are, but they are so very hard to understand.  I think they said "Peep and Cheep", but I could be wrong.

Bubbles showing off her two new friends

Give a cat a box and they'll play in it every time!
 Bubbles is the friendliest cat I've ever seen!  Last time I saw her she was running through the backyard with the birds on her back playing "horsey".  I've never laughed so hard!  

Pretty soon her lovely friends will have to fly away.  Bubbles is sad.  But at least she has all of her siblings to hang around with.  

- Momma Cat

Thursday, September 12, 2013


Last week, Momma Cat accompanied Baby Cat and Baby Brother Cat on their weekly excursion to Things From Another World comic book store and Main Street Collector's Mall (the site of a wonderful old-fashioned soda fountain and many delightful items of all kinds, from antiques to more recent creations.)

Look what we found at the Collector's Mall! This tiny, pink bathroom set is in excellent condition and made out of porcelain and wood, so it looks very realistic! 

Miniature pink bathroom from Main Street Collector's Mall

Sewing machine and dress form from a kit

Dining room set that Baby Cat put together from one of Grandpa Cat's kits

Baby Cat has been accumulating quite a lot of nice miniature pieces, including the two furniture kits she has made, and numerous gifts from our sweet friend, Jennifer of Plush Pussycat. Hopefully we will see some of them in a dollhouse soon!

-Baby Cat

Sunday, September 8, 2013


This baby doll pattern is one that I got from Ravelry.com.  The pattern name is "Sleeping buddies, lavendar stuffed doll".  I made a few changes to the doll because I wasn't satisfied with how she looked when I was done.

I added hands and feet, and a little bit of hair and blush.  I also had to modify the hood to fit my doll.  I changed  the mouth, and I added safety eyes. Then I stuffed her with regular polyester stuffing, no lavender.

So this is my little doll,

Candy doll

I've named her "Candy".  I hope you like her.  She's made out of Ultra Pima Cotton, and Bamboo Pop yarn, all purchased from Yarntastic Fiber Arts in Sellwood, Portland, Oregon.

Please leave me a comment and let me know what you think of my little Candy doll.

- Momma Cat

Thursday, September 5, 2013


Last night, after a long warm day, it started to thunder and lightning.  Then it began to rain.  I was trying to get ready for bed when I heard a loud commotion going on out in our living room.  I ran out to see what the trouble was, and this is what I saw!

Teufel kidnapping Betty

This little red devil dude was carrying off my new Betty Boop doll!  I just purchased her at a doll show last Saturday and we were only beginning to get acquainted! 

When I asked little Red  who he was and what the heck he thought he was doing?  He said, "My name is Teufel, and I don't think I'm doing anything.  I am taking this lovely young thing back to my den with me!"  Then he ran out the door and down the street so fast I could scarcely see him go!

The really weird thing about it was, Betty was chattering and giggling the whole time!  I think she was really enjoying herself.  

I'm pretty mad though.  It's not every day that you're able to find a Betty Boop doll and now this Teufel guy has stolen her from me! 

- Momma Cat

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Get our original patterns on Etsy!

Remember these guys? If you like Baby Cat's sock monsters (or think you can do better), you can now get the pattern in our Etsy shop for only $5! The pattern is fully illustrated and comes in a pdf format  that you can download immediately after you purchase it, so no waiting and no paying for shipping! This is the first of several original patterns we plan to make available on Etsy, so stay tuned and let us know if there is any specific pattern we have made that you would like a copy of.

-Baby Cat

Saturday, August 31, 2013


I knew there'd be more cats!!!  This one showed up here late last Thursday evening. Even though she's not much of a talker, I was able to find out that her name is Petunia.  

As you can see, she made fast friends with some of the kids that already live here.  

Petunia and her new friends

She is very friendly and is looking forward to being adopted by a loving family at the Holiday Bazaar in November.  

For those of you that don't already know.  Petunia and all of her cat friends will be available for sale at the St. Agatha Holiday Bazaar on the 2nd and 3rd of November in Portland, Oregon.  

We will give more details as the time draws nearer.  

- Momma Cat

Monday, August 26, 2013


I knew we hadn't seen all the cats yet!  Today another one showed up on my doorstep, or should I say, in my garden!  

But this Buttercup Cat did something unusual, she picked both of my pumpkins and brought them in the house!  Then she very politely asked me to take her photo.  So here she is.  

Buttercup Cat posing with my pumpkins

Buttercup tells me she just loves a good hot bowl of pumpkin soup and a few crackers.  

She also told me to expect a new arrival within the week.  Apparently there's at least one more sibling cat coming to town.  

- Momma Cat

Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Just when you think you've seen ALL the cats, another one shows up on your doorstep!  But that's okay.  The Cat family really does love cats.

Kitty sleeping on  Momma Cat's sewing machine.  Not a good place to nap!

This little girl is named Pepper.  She is the twin sister of Cora, who now lives with her new Mom, Lesley, at Yarntastic Fiber Arts in Portland's Sellwood-Moreland neighborhood.  

Pepper with her bird friends

As you can see, Pepper is not your run-of-the-mill cat.  She loves birds!  But not for lunch, no.  She just loves to be with them.  She says they are very pretty and she loves to hear them sing.  Go figure.  

Pepper tells me that another sibling is currently on her way here.  But she refuses to give me any further details.  She wants us all to be surprised.

I guess we'll just have to be patient and see who comes to our house next.  

- Momma Cat

Sunday, August 18, 2013


I finally finished my crocheted Kirby this morning.  He turned out so well, I think he looks almost real!  Or as real as Kirby ever gets!  He is a video game character, after all.
Kirby loves my hanging philodendron!

 I made this Kirby for LittlebrotherCat, but he hasn't seen it yet.  As soon as I was done, Kirby jumped up into a hanging plant in our living room and hasn't come down yet!
I don't know what I have to do to get him to come down.  What does a Kirby eat, anyway?

- Momma Cat

Saturday, August 17, 2013


Who are Charles and Thomas, you ask?  Well, it just so happens that they are the brothers of the famous Cora Cat, who now resides at Yarntastic Fiber Arts with her mom Leslie.  

Thomas is a nice turquoise cat with an easygoing manner.  Charles, the lime green cat, and Thomas' older brother (by 2 seconds), is very charming, and gets along exceedingly well with Thomas and Cora.  

Charles and Thomas visit the Cat family

None of us are sure how many more siblings these crazy cats have, because we can't get them to talk to us.  But, I wouldn't be surprised if more of them showed up somewhere down the line! 

- Momma Cat

Friday, August 16, 2013

How long does it take a cat to knit a pair of stockings?

Baby Cat started these stockings about a year and a half ago, around Christmas 2011! No, it doesn't take a year and a half to knit a pair of stockings, but Baby Cat made one fatal mistake! Although she thought she had the right gauge, she didn't check carefully enough and when she finished the first stocking, it didn't fit. 

Baby Cat made the second stocking a size bigger and it fit perfectly! So she unraveled the first one, but by then was pretty tired of working on stockings and set the finished one aside for about a year to work on other projects. This summer, Baby Cat picked up the sock yarn again, and now the socks are finally finished! Hopefully, Baby Cat will be more careful with her gauge in the future!

These stockings were made from the "Sitio Stockings" pattern in the book Vampire Knits.

Baby Cat's finished stockings

-Baby Cat

Sunday, August 11, 2013


Baby Cat and I were invited to attend a bridal shower for my niece (her cousin) Lisa Cat in Pennsylvania.  Unfortunately, we won't be able to attend, but we won't let that stop us from making her a one-of-a-kind special gift to honor the occasion, will it?

So we started planning this bride doll for her.  We contacted Lisa's mother and sister and got them to send us a photo of the dress Lisa will be wearing.

Then, I made the doll, using the bride doll pattern that I designed.  After I was through making the doll, I passed her to Baby Cat.

Baby Cat then took the Lisa doll home and designed and made her a bridal gown that closely resembles Lisa's actual wedding dress. 

Here she is........

The "Lisa" Bride Doll
 See what a wonderful job Baby Cat did with all the little details on the dress? She even did a row of tiny, white buttons down the back of the dress.  Unfortunately, Momma Cat did not photograph that, and the doll is on her way to Pennsylvania as we speak.  Sorry!

"Lisa" with her hand-made bridal veil

After Baby Cat got done making the gown, she gave the doll back to me.  Then Momma Cat created the bridal veil, and also the bridal bouquet.  Lisa's colors are fall colors since her wedding will take place in October.  

We really hope Lisa likes her doll, and we hope everyone else likes her too.  She was a labor of love!
Happy Wedding, Happy Life Lisa!  

Lots of Love,

- Momma Cat and Baby Cat

Thursday, August 8, 2013


Yes, that's right!  You heard it here first.  The Cat family has a new baby! We adopted her last Sunday from the Sellwood Dog Supply and Cat Annex.  This is a very nice pet store right down on 17th Avenue.

Little Brother Cat and I were walking on Saturday morning, and we decided to stop in and pet the cats, which is something we've taken to doing a lot of since our last baby cat died.  When we got there, they had two cats, one was a tabby and mostly white.  The other was a pure black gorgeous little cat, that wouldn't even come out of her hidey-hole to let us get a good look at her.  We were instantly in love!
We talked Daddy Cat in to going to look at her later that same day.  He didn't seem overly impressed at the time, so we went back home.  But smartly, I asked for some adoption papers before we walked out the door.

Even though Daddy Cat wasn't really ready for a new baby cat, he knew how much Little Brother Cat and I wanted her.  So we signed the adoption papers and brought her home on Sunday afternoon!

Little Brother Cat re-named her Midna, after a character in The Legend Of Zelda video games.  http://fc07.deviantart.net/fs46/i/2009/200/f/b/Twilight_Princess____Midna_by_dropoutgirlscout.jpg

 Midna is being a little reclusive right now, but every day she becomes a little more bold and a little more friendly.  Pretty soon she'll be eating out of our hands, or maybe the other way around.  

Midna is very hard to take photos of.  First of all, because she's all black.  Secondly, she never stays still.  At lastly, because she is faster than greased lightning!  

Here's a somewhat blurry picture of her that I took this morning.  
Blurry Midna

Here's a lovely side view.  She's very sleek and beautiful,but alas, not nearly as soft as LeeLoo was.  

I will always miss LeeLoo. 

She was no ordinary cat.

- Momma Cat

Thursday, August 1, 2013


Cora Cat is new to our household this week.  We tried to keep her indoor, but like most cats, she had a hankering to be outside.  So, as soon as she was able to sneak past us and get out the door, again, like most cats, she headed directly for the garden!

But, instead of looking for a place to relieve herself, she wanted to sunbathe!  You know how cats love to find the sunniest spot they can, and then just lay down and cook until they can't take it anymore?  Well, this is where I found Cora.

Cora In the Garden

I'm not really sure how she got up there, but she's perched atop a giant sunflower leaf!  You can see she's really enjoying herself and soaking up all the heat she can.  Good thing it's only 70 degrees here right now or we'd really have a cooked kitty!

Sadly, I don't think Cora will be with us for very long.  But she'll be very happy, I think.  She's going to go live at Yarntastic Fiber Arts.  I've been telling Lesley, the owner, that she needs a shop cat.  Well, now she'll have one and we'll get to see Cora every time we visit! 

-  Momma Cat

Monday, July 29, 2013

!!!!!!BABY CAT'S BIG NEWS!!!!!

Baby Cat has some big, big news! She and Boyfriend Cat are engaged (Maybe we should call him "Fiance Cat," now)!

The wedding won't be until next summer, which gives us plenty of time to get creative and make all of the pretty things a Cat couple need for their wedding day. Because Baby Cat and Fiance Cat are both creative and environmentally conscious (and without a lot of money) there will be a lot of great DIY projects involved, as well as a lot of things reused from family members.

Baby Cat & Fiance Cat = LOVE
Baby Cat chose this renaissance-style Simplicity dress pattern for her special day.  She and Momma Cat are going to make it together with the help of Fiance Cat's momma (a.k.a. Future Mom)! The pattern just arrived in the mail, and we can't wait to get started!

Baby Cat's Wedding Dress Pattern

Baby Cat's engagement ring is extra-special because it belonged to my Grandma Cat, then it was Momma Cat's.  Now it's Baby Cat's!  It has a colored diamond set in the middle, surrounded by smaller diamonds, all set in white-gold.  Momma Cat says it's a "Princess Ring".

Baby Cat's Engagement Ring
When Fiance Cat proposed he gave Baby Cat this sweet beaded ring, that he made for her to wear, until she could choose one of Grandma Cat's rings and have it sized. Baby Cat is now keeping it where she can look at it everyday!

Beaded Ring made by Fiance Cat
Stay tuned for more DIY wedding fun, in addition to our regularly scheduled crafting!

-Momma Cat and Baby Cat

Wednesday, July 24, 2013


MONKEY MIKE is a product of Little Brother Cat's imagination, and came into being about 13 years ago when he was in first grade.  Little Brother made up this character and then wrote comics and drew cartoons to illustrate them.  

Now, Monkey Mike was a very special monkey, but we haven't seen or heard from him for a very long time, until yesterday!  

My interpretation of Monkey Mike

 Truth be told, this really isn't the original Monkey Mike.  This monkey was made by Momma Cat using a pattern she got off of another blog, amigurumitogo.com.  It was the Extra Large Monkey Pattern, whose name is Darcy.

I decided to make Mike with only one strand of yarn, and I also decided to make him solid blue except for his muzzle and the little circles around his eyes.  I also gave Mike a banana, and a bandanna.

Now Mike is ready to play!

Mike will be on display for the foreseeable future at Yarntastic Fiber Arts in Portland, Oregon.  Stop by and see the new shop and give Mike a little tickle.  He loves to be tickled.

- Momma Cat

Thursday, July 18, 2013

It's Curtains For You My Little Pretty, And Your Little Boyfriend Cat Too!!!!!

Momma Cat and Baby Cat have been hard at work since the beginning of the summer, making curtains for the little house! We think they really help add character and give the house a cute, homey look. And of course, they help keep the summer sun at bay on days when it gets a little too warm outside.

Momma Cat made the kitchen curtains before Baby Cat and Boyfriend Cat moved in.

Curtain Over Kitchen Sink

Kitchen Curtains

 Since then we have worked on all the other curtains together. Here is what we have made so far: 

Sliding Glass Door Curtains
This is a nice sliding glass door that leads to a deck out of the back side of the house.  It lets in a lot of light and heat.  When it gets too hot outside, now all we have to do is close the curtains to get some relief!  We used fabric that we got from a set of curtains that used to be in one of Baby Cat's friend's bedroom!  We just modified them a bit. 

We bought this fabric for the front door, to let in light, but keep the looky-loos out!

Front Door Curtain Fabric.
Aren't the lady bugs and butterflies cute?

Here's what the front door used to look like before it was fixed and repainted.  Yucko! Puey!  It's not at all attractive, is it?

Ugly Old Front Door

This is what it looks like now with the new paint and curtains.  What a difference!  Now it looks really happy and inviting.  

New Beautiful Front Door

Here are the new living room curtains.  Aren't they pretty?  Mommy Cat  bought this fabric for Baby Cat's bedroom about seven years ago, but never got around to making the curtains.  Now Baby Cat has the fabric for her living room curtains.  Not a bad deal, huh?  Sorry you had to wait so long Baby Cat!

These beautiful sheer curtains in the living room are so cheerful!
They are Baby Cat's favorites.
We went shopping for this fabric together and after getting Boyfriend Cat's approval, we made it into curtains.  The only problem is that Momma Cat measured incorrectly, and the curtains came out a little too short! 

Bedroom Curtains

No problem though.  We have a solution.  Ruffles!

Isn't it cool how a few simple touches can brighten a place up?

- Momma Cat and Baby Cat