Wednesday, July 27, 2016


Momma Cat just finished another adorable Hello Kitty dress and here's her little model showing it off.

Pastel Hello Kitty dress on 18" Madame Alexander doll

It's a pastel version of an earlier dress that I made for my other doll, Misumi, pictured below with my little model.

Misumi, also Madame Alexander,  in Neon Hello Kitty
Momma Cat loves both of her little dolls and thinks they both look adorable in their little dresses.  What do you think?

Also, Momma Cat needs to name her little model.  So, if you have any name suggestions, please let her know!  The sooner the better! It's getting tiresome referring to her as her little model. 

- Momma Cat

Friday, July 22, 2016


Momma Cat has found some more dolls on the internet that she thinks are pretty cute.  They are called Playmates, by Melissa and Doug.  

 The first one is a little blond ballerina, called Alexa.  She is so cute. She came with clothes, but she has no shoes!  Momma Cat is going to make her a completely new outfit, and new shoes too!
Little Alexa

About a week later, Momma Cat found this sweet redhead dressed as a princess, named Larissa.  So she bought her too!  She has no shoes either, but Momma Cat will fix that!  
Princess Larissa

 The Melissa and Doug dolls are slightly larger than Corolle, Les Cheries dolls, but a lot smaller than the Madame Alexander dolls, as you can see in the next picture.
Larissa and Alexa, next to a Les Cheries, an 18"  Madame Alexander in the back
What do you think? Do you like them?

 The reason Momma Cat likes these dolls so much is because they have sweet faces, they are all vinyl, they are very affordable, and they have wonderful hairThe kind of hair a kid can comb!!!

Momma Cat loves all her little dolls so much!  She can't wait to dress them all!

- Momma Cat

Thursday, July 21, 2016


Momma Cat finished her second batch of Clothespin Dolls last evening, and she wanted to show them to you.  
Second Batch of Clothespin Dolls

Next, Momma Cat is going to try to make some dolls into Christmas ornaments!  Keep your fingers crossed!

- Momma Cat

Tuesday, July 19, 2016



Recently Momma Cat was cruisin' the internet looking for something doll related, and she came upon a picture of some very cute clothespin dolls and a complete tutorial on this blog:

Needless to say, Momma Cat fell in love immediately and had to try making some of these adorable dolls for herself.  But, first she had to go buy the supplies at, you guessed it, JoAnn Fabrics and Crafts!!

First she painted the heads.  Daddy Cat made her a wonderful little holder with some dowels in it, so the painted heads would not be touching anything while they dried!

Heads, feet, and bodies, all painted and drying

 Once the heads were dry, Momma Cat was able to paint on eyes, mouths, and cheeks.

Heads after second painting
 While the heads were drying for the second time, Momma Cat cut and prepared the fabric for the doll dresses.

Then Momma Cat took all the doll parts outside and sprayed them with a gloss sealer to protect their paint. 

The next step was to glue the arms (a 4" piece of chenille stem) to each doll body.  Then Momma Cat put the little fabric dresses over each doll body, then tied cute, tiny ribbons around the waists.  

Then it was time for Momma Cat to glue on the feet and the heads!

After all the glue was dry Momma Cat took all of her new creations and arranged them for their first photo!  

Here is Momma Cat's first batch of Clothespin dolls! 
A group of little wooden beauties!

A redhead and a brunette

Mom Cat's first Clothespin Doll!

 Momma Cat was pretty tired after she finished this batch of Clothespin Dolls, but she is already half-way through creating her second batch!  Stay tuned for more.......

If you have a chance to make some of these marvelous creatures, please send Momma Cat  a link to your blog or your email so she can see the dolls you create!  Please don't forget to leave a comment on this blog post.  Momma Cat is always interested in your opinion!!! Thanks!

- Momma Cat

Wednesday, July 13, 2016


A while back Momma Cat bought a cute little Corolle Les Poupees doll off of eBay. 
Corolle Les Poupees, (Momma named her Piccolina)

Then she found an adorable Corolle, Les Cheries Camille doll and purchased her.  You may recognize her and Piccolina from previous blog posts. 

Corolle Les Cheries doll, named Camille

Today Momma Cat came home to find a box on her doorstep with this adorable Les Cheries, Chloe doll inside! 
Corolle Les Cheries doll, named Chloe

Chloe is in perfect condition and Momma Cat can hardly wait to make clothes for her, Camille and Piccolina! 

 Momma Cat found some really adorable patterns on a website called Pixie Faire! They have doll clothes and shoe patterns  for many different sized dolls!  Here's a link to their web page: Pixie Faire

Momma Cat issure, if you're a doll lover, you will find something there to tickle your fancy!

- Momma Cat

Thursday, July 7, 2016


Momma Cat won another eBay auction this week!  She has been looking for a redheaded doll, with green eyes.  She's seen several come and go, but finally she got really lucky, and one came up for auction, she placed a bid, and she won!!!!!!!

The problem is that this doll is so beautiful it'll be extremely hard for Momma Cat to let her go when it's time to sell her!  

But, the truth is, Momma Cat has the same problem with all of her dolls!

Well, what do you think?

Rare redheaded Madame Alexander Doll
Sweet little Amanda Maureen

Isn't she gorgeous?  Momma Cat named her Amanda Maureen, after two redheads that she loves!

Momma Cat went into her sewing room to look for some fabric to make Amanda Maureen a dress, and she realized this dress she'd already made was perfect.  She even had some shoes to go with it! How lucky was that? 

This dress matches her eyes!
You probably remember this dress being modeled by another of Momma Cat's dolls in a previous blog.  But, Momma Cat thinks this dress is a perfect match for Amanda Maureen.

- Momma Cat

Tuesday, July 5, 2016


Momma Cat has been busy again this week.  She has made a few new outfits for her dolls using the fabric she got from Bolt, and some she bought from JoAnn Fabrics. Oddly enough, several of these outfits have a cat theme......

This first one is made from a piece of Hello Kitty fabric that Momma Cat bought a year or two ago.  

Momma Cat's own doll with her new Hello Kitty Dress
 Momma Cat ordered her doll some hot pink ballet flats to match the dress, but they have not arrived yet. This doll is so stunning, she looks good in everything! Her name is Misumi, meaning, pure beauty. 

The second dress was made from the adorable fabric Momma Cat bought at Bolt, a small neighborhood  fabric store over on Alberta Street, couple of weeks ago.  

Beautiful Asian doll with cat print dress
 I know this looks like Momma Cat's doll, but she's not! This is another doll that she purchased from eBay.  She's in excellent condition, and she also looks good in everything!

This last cat print dress is worn by another Madame Alexander doll, who is named Catherine, because she reminds Momma Cat of Baby Cat's dear friend.  

Catherine and her cat print dress
 Now, the real Catherine is a lot prettier, but Momma Cat thinks this Catherine is adorable.  What do you think?

This next outfit is worn by Ruby.  Momma Cat took one look at this gorgeous doll and Ruby was the name that popped into her head!

Ruby in her summer outfit with matching sandals
 Naturally Ruby had to have red shoes and a red dress.  She's such a pretty doll, but she has a few marks on her skin that Momma Cat has not been able to get off.  Still, Momma thinks that some little girl may fall in love with her in spite of her flaws.  Momma Cat did!

 This next dress is worn by another of Momma Cat's personal dolls.  It's a simple little dress with a little spring water-color print that Momma Cat bought it in Huntington Beach, California, while visiting Baby Cat, and Baby Cat's husband.

Adorable doll with an adorable dress
 Last, but not least is a cute little dress made with fabric Momma Cat purchased at JoAnn Fabrics.  The pattern is a vintage style with a full skirt and fitted bodice.

Momma Cat's little "model" wearing her vintage design dress
 This dress was fun to make and it looks great on Momma Cat's doll.  It was a little hard finding shoes to match, but thankfully there are some turquoise shoes out there!  There are several online sites where shoes can be purchased, and there are even some patterns if you want to make your own!  That's a craft for another day!

Momma Cat's little "model" doll needs a name too, but so far she has not come up with a suitable one.  Any suggestions?

- Momma Cat