Thursday, September 12, 2013


Last week, Momma Cat accompanied Baby Cat and Baby Brother Cat on their weekly excursion to Things From Another World comic book store and Main Street Collector's Mall (the site of a wonderful old-fashioned soda fountain and many delightful items of all kinds, from antiques to more recent creations.)

Look what we found at the Collector's Mall! This tiny, pink bathroom set is in excellent condition and made out of porcelain and wood, so it looks very realistic! 

Miniature pink bathroom from Main Street Collector's Mall

Sewing machine and dress form from a kit

Dining room set that Baby Cat put together from one of Grandpa Cat's kits

Baby Cat has been accumulating quite a lot of nice miniature pieces, including the two furniture kits she has made, and numerous gifts from our sweet friend, Jennifer of Plush Pussycat. Hopefully we will see some of them in a dollhouse soon!

-Baby Cat


  1. The miniature pink bathroom, and all the miniatures you displayed, are so cute, Baby Cat! The plants in the last photo make it look like your dining room is set in an exotic jungle! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks! And you're right about the last picture, although I didn't realize it before, it looks like the jungle is trying to reclaim the dining room! How funny!

    -Baby Cat

  3. Love that pink bathroom set and the furniture you've put together. Wow! They must look fantastic in your new house! xo Jennifer

    1. Thanks, they do! The bathroom fixtures match the pink tile in the bathroom perfectly. Thanks for giving me such a good deal on the house, it is a delight to have such a beautiful dollhouse!

      -Baby Cat

  4. Baby Cat, I'm so glad we found your pink bathroom set at the Antiques Mall. We were very lucky, don't you think? It's amazing that it matches the bathroom in your new dollhouse. It's gonna be so cute!!!!!

    - Momma Cat