Tuesday, October 10, 2017


Several months ago Momma Cat got a request from her friend, Amanda Cat, to crochet her an egg apron.  What the heck is an egg apron, you might ask?  It is an apron, in this case, crocheted, with a lot of little pockets for egg gathering.  It looks like this.

Egg Apron Pattern

It seems that Amanda Cat has a few chickens now, and she thought it would make her life a little easier if she had something to put her eggs in that would also allow her to have both hands free.  

Momma Cat had several projects to finish before she was able to start on the apron.  But she finally went to JoAnn's and bought some sugar and cream crochet cotton and got busy!

Things were going along swimmingly, as Momma Cat worked on the apron while she watched football with Daddy Cat.  She got to the point where she was almost finished when she notice something odd........

What's wrong with this picture???
 If anyone were to gather eggs wearing this apron, the eggs would all end up on the ground!!!  Momma Cat screamed when she first noticed her mistake, but then she started laughing!  It was too funny, even if it meant undoing many hours of work!  Momma cat had crocheted the waistband and ties to the wrong end of the apron!  Now, that's what she gets for crocheting when she's tired, and also trying to watch several football games! GO DUCKS! GO SEAHAWKS! GO PACKERS!!!

Anyway, Momma pulled out all of those stitches, then started over on the opposite side of the apron.  It took her a couple of days to redo it, but she finished the apron yesterday!  

The Egg Apron and I
To give it a more personal touch, and because it was just soooooooo cute, Momma Cat added this little duck applique to the large pocket.

 Momma hopes Amanda Cat likes her new apron.  You know, it could come in handy for Easter egg hunting too!

 PS  If you've never read a book called, "The Egg And I", by Betty MacDonald, you should!  It's a very funny story about a man and his wife who start an egg farm up on the Olympic Peninsula after World War II.  There's a movie by the same title too, starring Claudette Colbert, and  Fred MacMurry.  Momma Cat much prefers the book, but the movie is also very entertaining!!!

- Momma Cat

Thursday, August 31, 2017


Momma Cat saw a Robert Tonner "Patsy" doll modelling clothes for a doll clothes maker on eBay and Etsy.  She'd never seen one before, and she thought Patsy was adorable!  That doll didn't look anything like the original Patsy dolls (photo below) created by Effanbee way back when. 
But, they share the Effanbee name.  Robert Tonner did produce some dolls that looked more like the one pictured below.  But, then he branched out and created the new version..........

Original Effanbee Patsy doll

Momma Cat's Patsy has black hair and big, dark blue eyes! Her arms are jointed at the shoulders, elbows, and wrists.  Her legs have a knee joint, but Momma Cat doesn't think it looks as nice as the other joints.  What do you think?

Robert Tonner/Effanbee 10 inch "Patsy" doll
  Momma Cat wanted to buy her little Patsy a completly new outfit, but was appalled by the prices of the original Tonner doll clothes.  They are so freakin' expensive!  Sometimes the clothes are more than the dolls themselves! So, Momma Cat looked on Etsy and eBay for alternatives!

First she went to Etsy, Doll Secrets for Patsy's undies and tights. Momma Cat has bought clothing from Doll Secrets before, so she knew she could get nice things at reasonable prices.

Cute undies! What a great fit!

White tights are very nice!

 Then, Momma Cat went on Etsy and found this adorable black and white, cat dress from a shop called  Judy's Doll Boutique.

Patsy's new look!

Patsy's shoes came from an eBay shop called Debs Adorables.  Deb has lots of cute shoes to choose from, but Momma Cat wanted black Mary Janes to go with the cat dress. Doesn't Patsy look adorable in all her new things!

Now, all Patsy needs is a new sweater, so she won't be cold when the weather turns in the fall! 

- Momma Cat

Wednesday, August 23, 2017


Momma Cat is sorry for that title, but she really couldn't help it!  

Edgar Allan Crow
Edgar's backside

Momma Cat recently met Edgar at JoAnn Fabric and Crafts.  He was just sitting there on a shelf, and she fell for him immediately!  There were a lot of other Halloween creatures there too, but Momma thought Edgar was the best.  So she brought him home.

If you'll notice, Edgar's cage opens, and he can be removed, say, if he needs a little exercise.  Baby Cat thinks Momma didn't feed him enough, but she swears that he came that way!

If you need some new creatures, decorations, or Halloween costume ideas, head for JoAnn's soon, before it's toooooooo late!!!!!

- Momma Cat

Monday, August 21, 2017


The Crossroads Doll And Teddy Bear Show was today in Clackamas, Oregon, at the Monarch Hotel. The hotel is in a nice spot because it's not in an overly crowded area.  There is easy access, and plenty of parking.  

 Momma Cat got up early and went to the show at 8:30am!  This is unusual, because Momma Cat would normally try to still be sleeping at that time on a Saturday morning!!!
But, Momma Cat has been getting up early to go to work several days this week, so her internal clock wakes her up at ungodly times in the a.m., so today she took advantage of it!  She got up, bathed, ate breakfast, then went off to the doll show!

The advantage of getting to the show at 8:30am is that there are hardly any other people there at that time!  The traffic was very light too, so travel time was minimal!  It costs a couple of extra dollars to get in at 8:30, but Crossroads always offer a $1.00 off coupon with their announcements, so it works out pretty well.  Momma Cat felt that it was worth a little extra money to have the run of the place and not have to worry about having her toes trod upon!  She also got a free copy of a new doll magazine because she got there early!

Momma Cat looked all around the doll show several times, and saw a lot of really cute things.  But, she only came away with one prize this time.  

Here she is.

Ann Estelle, by the Robert Tonner Doll Company
One of the vendors at the show had three little Ann Estelle dolls.  They were all in great condition, but none of them had their original tags or boxes.  Momma Cat was able to buy this little cutie for only $50, which is a real bargain! Her little jacket and hat are made out of felt, and she has an adorable pleated skirt.  Not to mention her gloves, and some little yellow shoes!

Beside her is the Doll magazine Momma Cat got for free!

Back of dress
Side view

Momma Cat went to the doll show looking for a Robert Tonner "Patsy" doll, but she didn't see even one there!  Oh well, there's always eBay, and there's always another doll show!!

- Momma Cat

Saturday, August 19, 2017


Momma Cat dearly loves her Tonner "Lizette" doll.  She showed her doll to Baby Cat, and Baby Cat liked it a lot, so Momma Cat sent her a Lizette, so she could have a beautiful ball jointed doll too!

Momma Cat wishes she had time to make things for her Lizette.  But, currently she has so many projects going on, poor Lizette isn't getting any clothes from her any time soon!

But, never fear!  There are many talented people out there who make beautiful handmade doll clothes!  You saw the sweet little outfit Momma Cat got from Jodie Creations in her last blog post.  

Momma Cat recently found another doll clothes maker on eBay.  She is Amy of Amy Doll Clothes, based in Thailand.  Momma Cat and Baby Cat each bought a dress from Amy, because they were so impressed by their beauty! 

Here's Baby Cat's doll in her new dress.

Stunning Gray and White gown by Amy Doll Clothes
 Momma Cat loves the dress Baby Cat picked out.  Baby Cat bought her doll a pair of silver boots on eBay to go with this dress.  

They work beautifully together!

This is the dress Momma Cat bought for her Lizette doll.

Beautiful Purple Gown from Amy Doll Clothes
 Momma Cat bought her Lizette's gown first, then she went on eBay and found the shoes.  What a perfect match! Now Lizette can go out dancing and look gorgeous doing it!

Amy Doll Clothes are beautifully handcrafted, and are not expensive at all!  The Tonner factory made clothes are nice too, but Momma Cat thinks they're way too expensive, and she would rather support an independent seamstress! Especially one as talented as Amy!

Sooner or later Momma's Lizette will need some more practical clothes.  But, Momma and Baby Cat are already collaborating on a handmade sweaters (Baby Cat), and matching skirts (Momma Cat), in which they'll each make something for both dolls!  Won't that be fun?  

If you're into making your own doll clothes, there are many patterns available on eBay.  Momma Cat recently found one for a Regency gown that she's dying to make!

At any rate, Momma Cat and Baby Cat will make sure to post their creations as soon as they're finished!! 

- Momma Cat

Monday, July 3, 2017


Lizette just got a brand new, handmade outfit!  It was made by Jodie Joseph of  Jodie Creations.  See how beautifully it compliments Lizette's coloring?  It's a peach lace overlay on white fabric.

Lizette's new outfit, by Jodie Creations

Here's a close-up of the beautiful fabric that Jodie used.
The leggings  are so cute on her!

It has snap closures in the back.

This outfit is beautifully made, and the top is fully lined.  It fits Lizette perfectly too! Momma Cat was so happy that she found Jodie's shop!  

By the way, Jodie makes clothes for other dolls too!  If you don't sew, or just don't have the time, you should check her out!  Her prices are very reasonable, as well!  

Thank you Jodie!  You made my day, and Lizette's day too!

- Momma Cat

Tuesday, June 27, 2017


Momma Cat got Lizette's new wig and shoes in the mail this week!  Lizette tried them on in front of Baby Cat and the rest of our cat family, and we all agreed that we like this look the best!  

Lizette in her "Paris" wig.
 Lizette's new wig was ordered from Monique Trading Corporation.  Momma Cat thinks it goes much better with her coloring than the previous wig.  Although, now she can change looks whenever she wants to!

Lizette's new shoes.
Momma Cat found these adorable shoe/boots on eBay and ordered them from a private seller in China.  They don't work too well with the outfit she's currently wearing, but Momma Cat thinks they're adorable and has already found a new outfit she thinks will look great with the shoes.  How's that for doing things backward!!!

Let me know what you think of her new look, would you?  Feedback is always good!

- Momma Cat