Sunday, June 28, 2015


Okay, I realize that not everyone loves cats and thinks that they're angelic.  But............. when I saw this little cutie, I thought, now that's an Angelicat!  

My co-worker, who shall remain nameless, said that she looked more like a cat that died!  Well, since I totally disagreed, I bought her and brought her home.  She will eventually make it out into our garden.  But since I've worked the last nine days in a row, I haven't really had the time to choose the proper place for her to be.  

I wanted to share her with all of you first.  Meet Angelicat!

Angelicat, sent to watch over Momma Cat's garden
At first, I thought about spray painting Angelicat black, but now I'm thinking that she'd look better just the way she is.  What do you think?

- Momma Cat

Friday, June 26, 2015


Not a midnight snack!  A Midnight Cat! This particular cat was inspired by my love of black cats, but most importantly my current cat, Midna (so named by Baby Brother Cat).  

Anyway, it's been so much fun making cats from the Bernat Pipsqueak yarn, I wanted to make one in black.  Alas, Bernat Pipsquak does not come in black! So I had to find a substitute.  I chose this black yarn called Beautiful by Purl Essence, which I got at JoAnn Fabrics and Crafts.  It's not quite the same weight as the Pipsqueak, and it's a little fuzzier, so my cat came out smaller and looking quite differently than her predecessors.  But, she's adorable and I love the way she turned out!  

Here's Midnight in all her glory with a sparkly red ribbon, so you can see her at night!  She's got her paw on my iPod, so I think she may be going to listen to some tunes!

Midnight in the daylight

Now. you know how hard it is to photograph black cats.  Midnight was no exception.  She looks a little freaked out in this photo, but I think it was because the camera flash might've frightened her a little bit.

- Momma Cat

Tuesday, June 16, 2015


A year or so ago, Momma Cat found a lovely little doll at a garage sale.  The doll was dressed in a pink and white dress that was way too big for her, and sock with red tennis shoes.  Needless to say, her look needed to be updated.  

A couple of weeks ago, Momma Cat purchased some fabric and went to work.  She ordered the shoes and socks from CR's Crafts, but everything else was made by Momma Cat.

Sweet Girl in her new dress
 So, drop me a line and let me know what you think of her new outfit.  She also doesn't have a name yet.  So, if you have a good one, let me know!

- Momma Cat

Saturday, June 13, 2015


Years ago, long before Momma Cat had Baby Cat or Baby Brother Cat, maybe even before she married Daddy Cat, she was on a little car trip with Big Sister Cat, and Brother-in-law Cat.  They were driving through the countryside, and Momma Cat spied a group of horses trotting across some open land.  Momma Cat said, "Oh wow!  There's my favorite kind of horse!"  Big Sister Cat said, "What is your favorite kind of horse?''  Momma Cat replied, "Brown with a black mane and tail!"  

Well, apparently this was not a "kind" of horse, but a color type.  Big Sister Cat had a good laugh at Momma Cat's expense!  This color type is called a Bay, and there are many variations it seems.
This is Momma Cat's favorite "kind of horse"

Recently Momma Cat decided to try making her "favorite kind of horse" out of yarn.  Here he is, he's just a foal, some day he'll be big enough to ride!

He tried sitting on the back of the couch, but he fell over!

Here he is showing off his beautiful mane and tail!
Poor little baby horse doesn't have a name yet, though!  If you can suggest a suitable name for such a fine animal, I would be glad to consider it. 

- Momma Cat