Sunday, September 21, 2014


Recently Momma Cat's Big Brother Cat celebrated his birthday.  So Momma Cat made him a Seattle Seahawks blanket (woobie) for his birthday, then she mailed it to him.  

A couple of days later he called to tell her how much he liked it!  This is what it looked like.
Everybody needs their own Seahawks woobie!

Even more recently Momma Cat's Brother-in-law Cat had triple bypass heart surgery!  So again, Momma Cat thought, what can I make for him that might make him feel better?  He loves the Seahawks too, so Momma Cat made him his own Seahawks woobie and is shipping it off to Hawaii on Monday when the Post Office is open again. 

Making a blanket (woobie) is easy.  You just buy 2 1/2 yards of your favorite fleece, cut off both the selvage edges, then turn under a 1/4 inch all the way around (you can do this as you're sewing) and baste.  Then turn under another 1/4 inch all the way around and stitch.  You will have a nice sized light weight blanket to use on those chilly fall and winter days while you're watching the game, or reading a book, or whatever you like to do.  

A lot of people buy the no-sew fleece throw kits because they don't like to sew.  They're nice because then you get a double layer blanket.  I make my woobies my way because they're lighter, and you can always double-up if you need more warmth.  Us cats always tend to be a little hot-blooded!

GO SEAHAWKS!!!!!!!!!

- Momma Cat

Friday, September 19, 2014


Baby Cat kept her bridesmaid gifts a secret until now to avoid spoiling any surprises before the wedding. Now that the wedding and honeymoon are long over, there is no reason not to share them!

Baby Cat knit these little purses for each bridesmaid to keep her wedding-day essentials in. They are the wedding colors, of course!

A silky royal blue lining complements the shiny silver yarn!

Baby Cat picked up these gorgeous blue glass bottles as potential gifts last summer. 

Aren't they the perfect color?

These cute labels from collage made the perfect nametags for everyone.

Using Illustrator, Baby Cat designed custom nametages for each bridesmaid (and one bridesman, Baby Brother Cat, who also received one of the Tuxedo gift bags!)

After filling each bottle with yummy lavender bath beads and attaching the nametags with a jewelry chain and a "made with love" charm, voila! They are done! 

Baby Cat also made this magical faery dust necklace for her maid of honor. Wonderful bridesmaids deserve special handmade gifts!

-Baby Cat

Thursday, September 18, 2014


A couple of days ago I went to JoAnn's with Maureen Cat to look at stuff.  That's my favorite past time!

Anyway, we were really interested in looking at all their fall and Halloween items.  I have been watching those items come in the store week by week, and it finally got to me! Maureen Cat was pretty impressed too.  

We also went for some more practical items like yarn, rotary cutting blades, stuff like that.  

One thing I was NOT looking for was some U of O fleece.  But, I was in a weakened condition, and I saw it there, on the shelf, looking all soft and cuddly.  So I succumbed and bought some.  Now, generally I'm not a big fan of camo fabric, but I think this is really cute because of all the yellow and gold, and the Duck foot, of course!

Then I went home and swiftly and quietly made this sweet little blanket.  Basically, all I did was trim off the selvages, then I turned under a 1/4 inch on all sides, basted it, then turned under another 1/4 inch on all sides, then I sewed it.


Now, when we watch the Duck's play on those cold fall days, we can wrap ourselves in our little blanket and be warm and cheer on our favorite college team.  GO DUCKS!!!!!!

- Momma Cat

Friday, September 12, 2014


Back in May or June, Baby Brother Cat asked Baby Cat if she had time to make him a hat. Baby Cat could make no promises before graduation and the wedding, but after that, of course! Baby Brother described the kind of hat he wanted and the kind of yarn, and Baby Cat found the yarn and wrote a pattern that was just right (after 1 do-over). Here is the result!

If you like Baby Brother's hat, you can buy the pattern at our Etsy shop or at Baby Cat's Ravelry shop.

Now Husband Cat saw Baby Cat working on the hat and asked to put in a request for a hat of his own. He didn't have a specific style or yarn in mind, so he and Baby Cat searched Ravelry until they found this pattern, called "David's Hat", which was available for free on Ravelry.

The patterned band around the hat was fun to knit and adds a nice decorative effect to the hat.

While looking for a hat for Husband Cat,  Baby Cat became enthralled with this adorable Elf Hat pattern, which she adapted slightly to make this Flower Faery hat. Now we will both stay warm and look super-cute as the cooler weather moves in!


-Baby Cat

Wednesday, September 10, 2014


Last week, Baby Cat, Plush Pussycat, and I went to the Crossroads Doll and Teddy Bear show at the National Guard Armory in Portland.

As usual, there were many things that we liked and were tempted by.  So many that it took several hours for us to look at everything, make our choices, and finally make our way out the door.  In fact, we went out the back way so we wouldn't be tempted to buy anything more on our way out!

Baby Cat was first to make a purchase.  She found a cute little J-Doll that she just had to have.  Here are two pictures of it:

Cute Face, huh?

She has accessories and a stand

I bought this J-Doll last time I went to the doll show, but mine didn't have any shoes.  I tried to find some cute ones for her this time, but all I found were these boots, which are plastic and not that nice.  But, at least she has some shoes for now, until I find something I like better.

Momma Cat's doll

Plush Pussycat found a little doll too, but I don't have a picture of her.  Hopefully she will put one on her blog, so you can all see it.  Both she and Baby Cat found some miniature rugs they liked for their doll houses.  Plush Pussycat found some other miniature food items that she liked, so she bought those too.

I also found two really pretty fashion dolls at this doll show.  The first was this one.

Tiny Kitty Collier

 She's a tiny Kitty Collier.  I thought she was just gorgeous and so very classy looking. This close-up doesn't really do her justice.  I fell in love with her.  She reminds me a little bit of a young Grace Kelly.  Look how classy her dress and shoes are!
front view

back view

She's clearly my favorite right now.  What do you think of her?

Here's my other doll, Gene.  When I first saw Gene, she was naked, and I thought about buying her and making her some clothes.  But, I looked around for a while and another vendor had several outfits that were made to fit this doll.  So, I bought the doll.........

 then I bought her this lovely outfit.

Gene's beautiful red dress and all her accessories
The doll is a "Gene" doll, and she was made to represent the big film stars of the 30's and 40's.
Look at how pretty the back of her hair is!

I think Gene is very lovely and her clothes are so nicely made.  I'm glad I bought her.


Baby Cat and I saw two cute, fat, baby dolls when I was buying the outfit for Gene.  The dolls were adorable and very inexpensive, so we decided to buy them. Then we came up with what we call  "The FAT BABY CHALLENGE"! We each have to design and make an outfit for our respective dolls and have them ready to sell at the St. Agatha Holiday Bazaar in early November.  We can sew, knit, or crochet, or any combination of the three, an outfit, with or without accessories, for our dolls.  But, we can't tell or show each other what we're making.  Also, we have to sell them at the Bazaar when we're done! No keeping, no matter how cute they turn out!

Here are the two babies as they were when we bought them.  We'll show you how they look when we're done.

Momma Cat's Doll
Baby Cat's Fat Baby

I think Baby Cat's doll looks sad, don't you?  Poor baby!  But, she is awful cute. I'm sure someone nice will adopt her in November.

Momma Cat's doll looks anxious, like she can't wait to be fed or picked up.  Who will be the lucky one to take her home?

We'll keep you posted! (no pun intended)

-  Momma Cat