Thursday, September 5, 2013


Last night, after a long warm day, it started to thunder and lightning.  Then it began to rain.  I was trying to get ready for bed when I heard a loud commotion going on out in our living room.  I ran out to see what the trouble was, and this is what I saw!

Teufel kidnapping Betty

This little red devil dude was carrying off my new Betty Boop doll!  I just purchased her at a doll show last Saturday and we were only beginning to get acquainted! 

When I asked little Red  who he was and what the heck he thought he was doing?  He said, "My name is Teufel, and I don't think I'm doing anything.  I am taking this lovely young thing back to my den with me!"  Then he ran out the door and down the street so fast I could scarcely see him go!

The really weird thing about it was, Betty was chattering and giggling the whole time!  I think she was really enjoying herself.  

I'm pretty mad though.  It's not every day that you're able to find a Betty Boop doll and now this Teufel guy has stolen her from me! 

- Momma Cat


  1. What will you do now? Did you call the police? ;-) Teufel is adorable! xo Jennifer

    1. I didn't call the Police, because Betty seemed to be enjoying herself so much! But, she must've been a real handful, because Teufel eventually brought her back! Go figure.

      - Momma Cat