Thursday, August 8, 2013


Yes, that's right!  You heard it here first.  The Cat family has a new baby! We adopted her last Sunday from the Sellwood Dog Supply and Cat Annex.  This is a very nice pet store right down on 17th Avenue.

Little Brother Cat and I were walking on Saturday morning, and we decided to stop in and pet the cats, which is something we've taken to doing a lot of since our last baby cat died.  When we got there, they had two cats, one was a tabby and mostly white.  The other was a pure black gorgeous little cat, that wouldn't even come out of her hidey-hole to let us get a good look at her.  We were instantly in love!
We talked Daddy Cat in to going to look at her later that same day.  He didn't seem overly impressed at the time, so we went back home.  But smartly, I asked for some adoption papers before we walked out the door.

Even though Daddy Cat wasn't really ready for a new baby cat, he knew how much Little Brother Cat and I wanted her.  So we signed the adoption papers and brought her home on Sunday afternoon!

Little Brother Cat re-named her Midna, after a character in The Legend Of Zelda video games.

 Midna is being a little reclusive right now, but every day she becomes a little more bold and a little more friendly.  Pretty soon she'll be eating out of our hands, or maybe the other way around.  

Midna is very hard to take photos of.  First of all, because she's all black.  Secondly, she never stays still.  At lastly, because she is faster than greased lightning!  

Here's a somewhat blurry picture of her that I took this morning.  
Blurry Midna

Here's a lovely side view.  She's very sleek and beautiful,but alas, not nearly as soft as LeeLoo was.  

I will always miss LeeLoo. 

She was no ordinary cat.

- Momma Cat


  1. How precious! Midna is a darling kitty, and she couldn't have asked for a nicer home! Her eyes are beautiful! xo Jennifer

    1. Jennifer,

      She is a sweet kitty. Her eyes are a clear light green. Very mesmerizing. We love her already.

      - Momma Cat