Monday, July 13, 2015


Since I work at a fabric store, I'm always seeing fabric that I "just have to have!"  Sometimes I actually have a plan for it before I buy it.  But, only sometimes.

In this particular case, I saw this fabric and immediately thought I could make myself some new bedroom curtains.  The problem was, there wasn't quite enough yardage to do the trick.  But, I bought it anyway and tried, to no avail, to find more fabric online, and in the other stores.  So I just bagged it for awhile.  Eventually I found another fabric I liked and made that into my bedroom curtains.

Well, then the next spring came, and the fabric reappeared on the shelf at work!  So, I bought some more yardage, this time thinking that I would use it in my sewing room.  I started working on the curtains last winter, but I wanted to get my sewing room straightened out and organized first before I finished and hung up curtains.  That seemed only logical to me!  

Recently, I sat myself down and gave myself a serious talking to.  Now, you know you're not an organized individual, I said to me.  So, if you wait until you have your room organized, you will NEVER get to hang up your pretty curtains!  You're right, I said!  Maybe finishing and hanging the curtains will actually make me want to do more cleaning and organizing too I said!

So, I sat down and finished my curtains.  Then I hung up my curtains.  Now my room looks pretty, and disorganized!

So this

Cute fabric

Plus that

Trusty Sewing Machine

Equals Wow!

Lovely Curtains
Notice that I'm not showing you the rest of my sewing room?!

Don't put off doing something you like because you're not organized. It'll just make you crazy!  You'll be happier if you finish your project and maybe you'll get inspired to make other changes in the process!

- Momma Cat