Thursday, March 9, 2017


Momma Cat has been busy making bags over the last several weeks.  She sold a bunch of them around Christmas time, and since then she has had three special orders!

The first one was for her niece!  It was a Christmas present ordered by Momma Cat's Sister-In-Law Cat!  It's made of green faux-suede, quilted, with a 100% cotton liner. It has a cell phone pocket on the outside, metal feet on the bottom, and a magnetic closure. All of the materials used to make this item were purchased at JoAnn Fabrics and Crafts.

Green Faux-Suede Bag

Two of Momma Cat's best customers recently special ordered new bags from her.  The first customer asked for this Cat bag, which is right up Momma Cat's alley, if you know what she means!

Cat Bag
This bag is made of 100% cotton fabric, quilted, then lined with 100% cotton fabric.  It also has metal feet on the bottom, cell phone pocket on the outside, and a magnetic closure.

The second of Momma Cat's  customers wanted a bag with horses on it. Momma Cat found this lovely 100% cotton print, as well as the100% cotton lining fabric at JoAnn Fabrics and Crafts.

Horse Bag

This last bag is made from a black pre-quilted faux leather, with a 100% cotton lining.  It has metal feet on the bottom, and a invisible magnetic closure (this is the first time Momma used this kind of closure on one of her bags). 

Faux Leather Bag
 Momma Cat decided not to put a cell phone pocket on the outside of this bag because it ruined the look of the bag.  All of the bags pictured in this blog have four roomy pockets inside, that close with velcro, so there is plenty of room for a cell phone to have it's own space!

Well, that's enough bags for now!  Momma Cat has to make some pajamas, hem some curtains for her spare ooooooom, and make doll clothes for some little tiny Madame Alexander dolls that she's been collecting!

Have fun crafting!

- Momma Cat