Thursday, August 1, 2013


Cora Cat is new to our household this week.  We tried to keep her indoor, but like most cats, she had a hankering to be outside.  So, as soon as she was able to sneak past us and get out the door, again, like most cats, she headed directly for the garden!

But, instead of looking for a place to relieve herself, she wanted to sunbathe!  You know how cats love to find the sunniest spot they can, and then just lay down and cook until they can't take it anymore?  Well, this is where I found Cora.

Cora In the Garden

I'm not really sure how she got up there, but she's perched atop a giant sunflower leaf!  You can see she's really enjoying herself and soaking up all the heat she can.  Good thing it's only 70 degrees here right now or we'd really have a cooked kitty!

Sadly, I don't think Cora will be with us for very long.  But she'll be very happy, I think.  She's going to go live at Yarntastic Fiber Arts.  I've been telling Lesley, the owner, that she needs a shop cat.  Well, now she'll have one and we'll get to see Cora every time we visit! 

-  Momma Cat


  1. Cute photos, fun story, and great ending! Congratulations! xo Jennifer

    1. Jennier,

      Cora is now at Yarntastic. She has two new brothers, and another sister on the way. Wow!

      - Momma Cat