Friday, January 24, 2014


At last! Baby Brother Cat's long awaited (as in almost a month overdue) Christmas present! Baby Cat just put the finishing touches on this granny square blanket that she has been working on for him.

The squares form the pixels of an 8-bit image of Link, the main character from Legend of Zelda. This little guy doesn't look like he has very many pixels, but Baby Cat learned otherwise when she crocheted 288 squares to make the blanket! It was fun to make, though. Best of all, it didn't even require a pattern, just a quick refresher on how to make a granny square, and this picture to go off of:

Now, Link just has to make the long journey to Eugene via the postal service. Merry Christmas, Baby Brother! Stay warm and dream of defeating Ganon!


Big Sister Cat

Remember Fiancé Cat's Mario Blanket?
These blankets are so fun and cute that it's easy to forget how much time they take.
Luckily, I've only made them for people I like an awful lot!

Thursday, January 9, 2014


Momma Cat has a new job!  She's been working at JoAnn's Superstore since October, so she hasn't had as much time to craft as usual.  But, she is currently working on a beautiful crocheted wrap for Baby Cat's wedding.  She can't show you a picture, because there's not much to it yet.  It's going to be beautiful though, she can promise you that!   Stay tuned for updates.

Because Momma Cat always has to be making something, she decided to crochet a giant Amineko Cat.  She bought some beautiful baby alpaca yarn from Yarntastic, her favorite yarn store, and began making this cat just for fun.  It took a long time to crochet this cat, not only because she's huge, but  because Momma Cat could only work on it at night, and she was tired after working, so she fell asleep while crocheting a lot!

This cat is so soft and huggable, she gets hugged several times every day.

Avalon in Momma Cat's rocking chair

Momma Cat named her cat Avalon after a character on the TV show, Bones.  Avalon is a psychic, expertly played by Cindy Lauper,  that had to interact with Bones during a murder investigation.  Of course, Bones basically thinks psychics are all full of hooey.  Anyway, it turned out that Avalon's contributions were pretty much right on the money, and she earned Bone's respect.  In a later episode Avalon ended up singing "At Last" at Booth and Bones' wedding, Ms. Lauper did such and amazing job that it left a lasting impression on Momma Cat.  So naturally, she HAD to name her cat Avalon! 

Avalon is wearing a short-sleeved, red and white striped, baby alpaca sweater.  She is also sporting a beautiful red ribbon embossed with hearts that Momma Cat found for her.

We hope you like Avalon as much as we do!

-  Momma Cat 

Wednesday, January 8, 2014


The holidays were a very busy, but fun, time for the Cat family! Baby Cat only had time to make a couple of Christmas presents this year. One was this shirt for Fiancé Cat, doesn't it look cute on him? 

The hardest part were the buttonholes, which Baby Cat practiced many times on scrap fabric before they looked good enough to sew into the shirt. Baby Cat thought zippers were difficult to sew, but buttonholes just might be worse!

Baby and Fiancé Cat's Christmas Tree

Stay tuned for Baby Brother Cat's present, which will hopefully be done while it is still winter...