Wednesday, May 27, 2015


Yes, Cat Yarn!  I'm not making it up!  But, it's not yarn made from cat hair, it's yarn died to look like cat fur!  It's made by Ancient Arts Yarns.  It's 100% Superwash Merino Wool.  This particular yarn is the Calico Cat DK yarn, from the Meow Collection.  So cute!

I got my yarn at Yarntastic Fiber Arts, in Portland. Yarntastic is a little shop over in the Sellwood-Moreland business district.  It's just a couple of doors south of the Moreland Theatre on SE Milwaukie Avenue.

Anyway, this cat yarn is so cute, I decided to make some crocheted cats out of it! There's quite a bit of yardage in one skein (225 yards), so I was able to make both of these cats, and I still have yarn left over!
Momma Cat's cats made out of Cat Yarn! Whoa!!!!

These cats will be on display at Yarntastic along with the beautiful Cat Yarn.  So stop by and see them, the Cat Yarn, and all the other beautiful yarn that is for sale there.

While you're there, say hi to Leslie and Dave (the owners), and tell them that Momma Cat sent you!

- Momma  Cat


Sunday, May 24, 2015


Today Daddy Cat and I walked down to the fair with Maureen Cat and Tom Cat (yes, that's his name), to see all the exhibits.  Well, we were pleasantly surprised when we walked over to the Needle Craft department, and saw what Momma Cat won!

Momma's Foal and her bag w/accessories on the right
 First we saw that Momma had won two First Premium blue ribbons and two Best Of Show rosettes for her foal, and her bag with all the accessories!

Vanilla Cat with a First Premium ribbon
Then we walked around the other side and saw that Vanilla Cat won a First Premium blue ribbon too!  Boy, was Momma Cat happy!!!

There were a lot of really nice things in the exhibit hall!  If you haven't been to the Fair in a while, you should go.  There's needle craft, photography, painting, plants, vegetables, food, youth exhibit,  and other interesting things.

Besides the exhibits, there are the rides, and the animals, of course.  Then, there are many little booths with good things to eat and drink.  Last, but not least, were the Alaskan Pig Races!  We got to see little porkers running and jumping over hurdles!  If that's not entertainment, then I don't know what is!

The atmosphere there is a little old-fashioned, but it's still a lot of fun, and a great way to spend some time with family and friends!  Also, there are picnic areas so you can bring and prepare your own food, if that appeals to you, and don't forget to ride the sweet little train that circles around the fair grounds!

 Now, Momma Cat has to go home and watch "Picnic" (even though the movie is set on Labor Day).  It happens to her every time she goes to the fair!

Happy Memorial Day!

- Momma Cat

Thursday, May 21, 2015


Well, this year Baby Cat is in Southern California, so she won't be entering anything in the Multnomah County Fair, but Momma Cat will! 

I am planning to enter my crocheted foal, and my crocheted cat.  I really had a lot of fun making them, and I think they turned out very well.

The foal attempting to sit up
Vanilla Cat relaxing in the chair

Last, I have this bag and matching accessories that I made.  I totally love this fabric!  I wish I had a lot more money to buy it all up and make a zillion more things with it.  But, perhaps this is enough.  

Bag with knitting needle case, cup cozy, tissue holder, crochet hook case, needle case, and scissors case

I really love having everybody see my creations, and winning prize ribbons is a great ego booster, I have to tell you!

The fair is coming up soon, on Memorial Day Weekend, so wish me luck!!!!!

- Momma Cat


Tuesday, May 12, 2015


This baby bassinet has been in the Cat family for as long as Momma Cat can remember.  It belonged to Grandma Cat, and was used for all her babies, then Momma Cat inherited it.  

Momma Cat used to store all her dolls and stuffed animals in it when she was a child.  But then Momma Cat made all the bedding and skirt and hood for it when her Nephew Cat was born.  A few years later Baby Cat came along, then Baby Brother Cat, and they both used it.

The Cat Family's Baby Bassinet
Now, 21 years later, there's a new baby in the family!  The new baby (Mary Cat) belongs to Baby Cat's new sister and brother-in-law, and she needs a place to sleep!  

Momma Cat and Daddy Cat have been working on getting the bassinet ready for the new little Mary Cat.  They had to make a couple of minor repairs to the legs on the bed.  Momma Cat had to replace the elastic in the skirt, and finally it's ready to go!

Here are a few pictures of it.  

Now when baby Mary Cat comes home from 

the hospital, she'll have a place to nest.  

Much love to Baby Mary, and her Mommy and Daddy! We wish you all the best!

- Momma Cat