Sunday, August 11, 2013


Baby Cat and I were invited to attend a bridal shower for my niece (her cousin) Lisa Cat in Pennsylvania.  Unfortunately, we won't be able to attend, but we won't let that stop us from making her a one-of-a-kind special gift to honor the occasion, will it?

So we started planning this bride doll for her.  We contacted Lisa's mother and sister and got them to send us a photo of the dress Lisa will be wearing.

Then, I made the doll, using the bride doll pattern that I designed.  After I was through making the doll, I passed her to Baby Cat.

Baby Cat then took the Lisa doll home and designed and made her a bridal gown that closely resembles Lisa's actual wedding dress. 

Here she is........

The "Lisa" Bride Doll
 See what a wonderful job Baby Cat did with all the little details on the dress? She even did a row of tiny, white buttons down the back of the dress.  Unfortunately, Momma Cat did not photograph that, and the doll is on her way to Pennsylvania as we speak.  Sorry!

"Lisa" with her hand-made bridal veil

After Baby Cat got done making the gown, she gave the doll back to me.  Then Momma Cat created the bridal veil, and also the bridal bouquet.  Lisa's colors are fall colors since her wedding will take place in October.  

We really hope Lisa likes her doll, and we hope everyone else likes her too.  She was a labor of love!
Happy Wedding, Happy Life Lisa!  

Lots of Love,

- Momma Cat and Baby Cat


  1. She's gorgeous! You two did a beautiful job! Lisa must be thrilled! xo Jennifer

  2. Thank you Jennifer! We hope she's thrilled. We haven't heard back from her yet. We'll keep you posted.

    - Momma Cat

    1. The Bride just sent us a thank you note. Apparently she loved her doll. We're so happy about that!

      - Momma Cat