Friday, March 21, 2014


Baby Cat made a new skirt in about 5 minutes! How is this possible? This fabric is made with a smocked portion at the top, so all you need to do is sew one seam to make a dress for a child or a skirt for an adult!

This is what the fabric looks like before any sewing is done.

Step 1: Buy instant-dress fabric long enough to go all the way around your hips, with a 5/8'' seam allowance.

Fold top to inside for narrower wasteband.
Step 2: For a narrower wasteband, fold over top to inside, pin, and stitch along existing smocking stitch line.
Stitch along existing smocking stitch line.

Step 3: With right sites together, pin edges and stitch 5/8'' from edge. Zigzag stitch or use pinking shears to keep edges from unraveling. Trim seam. Be careful stitching through multiple layers of smocked material, Baby Cat broke a needle that way!

Iron if needed, and you are DONE! You now have a cute new skirt and it didn't even take all day! Baby Cat loves her skirt and the Hello Kitty faces and black and fuscia polka-dots just make it too cute!

JoAnn Fabrics has this type of fabric in multiple colors and patterns in case you are not a Hello Kitty fan or even if you just want to try something different! Some of the designs are longer in case you want an instant dress or longer skirt. This one is only a little longer than mid-thigh.

I hope this post inspires you to make your own cute instant skirt!

-Baby Cat

Friday, March 7, 2014


What do you get when a knitter/crocheter and a miniaturist are friends? The recipe for a great trade, of course!

Baby Cat has been knitting tiny sweaters for Jennifer of Plush Pussycat's adorable critters in exchange for some cute miniature furniture for Baby Cat's dollhouse!

Jennifer found all of the patterns and yarn, then Baby Cat turned them into sweaters! Jennifer also designed the backgrounds and took the pictures of the little kitty, Grandma Bear, and Strawberry Shortcake and her friend in their sweaters.

This is the first tiny sweater pattern baby cat made, on the tiniest needles she and Jennifer could find, 1.0mm! Jennifer designed the lovely background for this photo she took of this little kitty wearing her sweater! This is the child size sweater.

And here is Grandma Bear wearing the grown-up size of the same sweater.

Baby Cat also made these two sweaters for Strawberry Shortcake and Orange Blossom using slightly larger (but still tiny) needles. 

Here is another cute sweater pattern. The only problem is, there is no opening in the back so this bunny has to be careful not to hurt his ears taking it on and off! This picture was taken inside the sewing room of Baby Cat's dollhouse.

In exchange for the sweaters, Baby Cat got several very nice pieces of furniture for her dollhouse! She loves this old-fashioned kitchen set:

Kitchen cabinets with a little flour mill inside.
An old-fashioned ice box.
This sink is similar to the one Baby Cat and Fiancé Cat have in their house.

And this desk and cabinet:

And this cute little end table and quilt or towel rack:

Right now Baby Cat is working on some tiny crochet dresses for the Calico Critters, as well as some more sweaters! Stay tuned to see them, and more dollhouse furniture!

-Baby Cat

Wednesday, March 5, 2014


FRIDAY morning, as I was walking home, I stopped by Sam's Attic, an eclectic thrift store located right on the corner of 17th and Tenino in Sellwood, Portland, Oregon.  

Now, I have found many treasures in there before, but this time I scored BIG-TIME!

First, I found these beautiful teacups, for about $13 each, to add to our collection for Baby Cat's bridal shower. They are in beautiful shape and they are both English bone china. 
View inside the cups

They are both nicely decorated with pretty flowers inside the cups.  Now here's the view from the side. 

Both cups and saucers have nice gold trim all around the edges

These will make a nice addition to our collection, now totaling 24!  Never thought I'd be a teacup collector, but there you are!  After Baby Cat's bridal shower, they will all belong to her.

WHILE  I was looking for the teacups  I found this cute little doll puzzle (you know how I love dolls!), for $2.  So, of course I had to buy it!

Madame Alexander Dolls puzzle

You probably already noticed these dolls, although dressed very differently,  all have the same face, so it's not going to be that easy to do.  But, I know we will have many fun hours putting this together.  At least, I hope so!

THE BIGGEST SCORE  though, was this sweet little swivel-rocking chair, at $35!  It's in great shape, and it's only missing one of the arm covers, which I can easily replace with some really cute fabric.

Comfy, cute, and it rocks and swivels!

The best thing is that it fits me so that my feet can sit flat on the floor!  Daddy Cat says it's comfortable for him as well.  The cat even loves it!

Our kitty got a treat from this purchase too.  Lodged in the bottom of one of the legs was a cute little toy mouse in perfect condition!  We pried it out and our little MidnaCat  has been having a wild time with it ever since!  

LAST, but not least, I saw this adorable wooden dollhouse at Sam's Attic.  

Wooden Dollhouse

So I texted my friend Jennifer, of Plushpussycat fame, and told her about it.  Last thing I heard, Jennifer had purchased the dollhouse to add to her collection!  It is very cute, with two stories and an attic, unfinished.  I know she'll have a blast fixing it up. 

So all in all, a major score for all concerned!

SAM'S ATTIC is a great place to shop.  All the items are donated, most are in great shape, and it is run entirely by volunteers. The store is only open on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, from about 11am-4pm.  But, if you like thrift stores, this one is definitely worth checking out!

-  Momma Cat 

Monday, March 3, 2014


As promised, in my last post featuring the Crossroads Doll and Teddy Bear Show, this is the amazing present that I sent to my Big Sister Cat in Hawaii.  It was made by the people at Secret Dragon Collectibles.  I chose this one because Big Sister Cat really likes blue.

Sephira with her golden treasure

Sephira from the front

 Big Sister Cat called me and told me that she really loved it!

Sephira (the dragon's name) is so beautiful and looks so amazing hung up in a window or by a light source. She is completely crafted out of beads and wire, the wings are made out of wired ribbon.  Every dragon they make is unique and each is given a name by it's maker, or you can have a dragon made to your specifications and name it yourself!  The dragons each hold a piece of treasure, you get to choose the color and shape. They come with medical insurance too (at no extra cost), so if somehow it breaks, the creators will fix it for you!  How great is that?  Did I mention that the dragons come it two different sizes (Sephira is one of the smaller ones).  Secret Dragon Collectibles even make some two-headed and three-headed dragons,  dragonflies, and mermaids!

 I think these Dragons are incredible and I hope someday to buy one for myself!

I can't tell you how much I love these creations!  I hope you do too.  Please check out their website at  Secret Dragon Collectibles

- Momma Cat