Sunday, August 31, 2014


A few weeks ago,  I went for a nice long walk with my neighbor cat, Pam.  We meandered through Johnson Creek Park, and then Westmoreland Park, which, if you didn't already know, have both undergone some extensive re-planting, and other major upgrades.  Johnson Creek Park is getting a new bridge soon, but it hasn't been completed yet. Westmoreland Park has gotten a lot of new plant life, a new boardwalk, and there's a new playground still under construction.

Anyway, I left PamCat on Milwaukie Avenue, so she could get to an appointment, and I wandered back through the neighborhood so I could meet MaureenCat at Starbuck's. 

MaureenCat and I had a nice chat while enjoying our iced coffee and tea, then we walked over  bought a few odds and ends at New Season's Market for our dinners.  

I was getting rather hungry at this point, so MaureenCat and I  both headed toward our respective homes.  On my way down 13th Avenue, I spotted a sad looking little zebra in the window of Sweetpea's, (a second-hand children's clothing store), and I had to go in and check him out.  

Good thing I did!  He was just about dying of boredom, and was a little parched after sitting in the store window for God only knows how long!  So I rescued him and brought him home for some water, food, and a nice long nap.  

I named him Zed, and I think he really likes it!  Here he is in all his glory!

Zed, just awakening from his nap

Now, Zed is a pretty laid-back guy.  In fact, he has a really hard time sitting up on his own.  But, he has promised to model for me when I try to make my own crocheted zebra pattern.  Isn't he a swell guy?  

In the meantime, Zed is planning to hang around to add a little color and fun to the place.  

Welcome to your new home Zed!

- Momma Cat

Saturday, August 9, 2014


Oh my gosh!  Why is working at JoAnn's so much fun?  I'll tell you why!  Endless rows of fabric, that's why!  If you like to sew, and I do, then it's sort of a blessing and a curse.  

It's a blessing because you get to see all the great stuff before anyone else does!  It's a curse because you end up spending most of your paycheck on fabric, now matter how much you try not to!

Last winter I bought a whole bolt of fabric which I planned to make bedroom curtains out of.  But it wasn't quite enough for my bedroom, so I chose another fabric, and bought a bolt of that.  

A whole lot of time passed, then I saw the first fabric again!  So, I bought a couple more yards of it!  Now I'm in the process of making it into curtains because I'm going to turn Baby Cat's old bedroom into my sewing/craft room.  

Here's the fabric that I bought.

Red and Orange Poppies!  It'll match the room perfectly!


Isn't it pretty?  I love it so much, and it will keep my sewing room bright and cheery on those long winter days when I'm working on all my projects!

Now, here's the second piece of fabric, which, as you can see, has already been made into bedroom curtains for Momma Cat and Daddy Cat's bedroom!

Our new bedroom curtains
I am planning to buy a little more of this fabric to make some pillow cases, and maybe enough to start a quilt for our bed!  Daddy Cat and I really like this fabric.  It's got my favorite color (red), it's got a white background to keep the room bright, and the black just adds some depth.  There are many gorgeous fabrics that will coordinate well with it, so making a quilt will be a lot of fun!

-  Momma Cat

Wednesday, August 6, 2014


Baby Cat's wedding has already taken place, so this blog entry was started before the wedding and completed just today. Sorry for the long delay, but we've been busy!  Hope you like our decorations!

Baby Cat saw some cute paper lanterns on Pinterest and got to work making a sample for FutureMom Cat and me, so that we could help make them for her wedding.  Little did we know what we were getting into!

Our box of paper flowers and other important supplies
 First we had to punch out and assemble about a MILLION paper flowers.  They all had pretty little silver beads in the middle of them.  We used tacky glue instead of hot glue, because we both hate hot glue, so things took a little longer to set up. We added some silk leaves, and then some blue lace on the bottom.  Then we left them to dry.

Here's FutureMom Cat working on one right now!

See how happy she looks!

Momma Cat adding decorations to her lantern

Here they are drying.  We had to prop them up because they roll!

Here are all the lanterns waiting to be taken to the wedding.  Baby Cat and Fiance' Cat are going to be so happy!

They are ready to be hung up on the light strings at the wedding!  

These lanterns represent countless hours of work, and endless volumes of love.  They turned out beautifully and Baby Cat and Husband Cat were able to give them to the bridal party and some of the other guests after the reception.

- Momma Cat