Thursday, October 3, 2013


Okay, I thought we were all done with cats around here.  I mean, now that the summer has ended, rather abruptly, I might add, I figured that stray cats might stop showing up a our door.  

Boy, I couldn't have been more wrong.  This is the scene I came upon, a couple of days ago, after mistakenly leaving a paper bag on top of my ironing board. 

Cats love paper bags!
A while later, I was walking through the living room to get to my sewing machine, so I could do some work, but then I saw these two sitting together on my sewing desk.

Midna and Tangerine atop Momma's sewing  desk

They seemed to be hitting it off together, so I decided to go do something else for a while so the two of them could have some time together. 

 I know they've begun to really like each other, because I found Tangerine in a totally different place than I left her in, so I think Midna's  been having some fun with her.  

- Momma



  1. It looks like Tangerine has found a playmate. It's great to see Midna again on your blog!

  2. They're both so adorable. I, too, am glad to see Midna on your blog again. Cute scene in the paper bag--that is so "cat." xo Jennifer

    1. Jennifer, your blog has been an inspiration to me. I am glad that you like mine, also glad that you appreciate my Catmindedness. I will try to present pictures of Midna from time to time. She does some really hilarious things, but almost never when I have a camera in hand.

      - Momma Cat

  3. Thanks Maureen. Midna is hard to photograph because she doesn't like to hold still. It's even harder to get her to look at the camera so you can see her amazing light green eyes. But I'll keep trying.

    - Momma Cat