Monday, March 25, 2013

Flower Barrettes for Spring

Last week, Hirons was out of headbands! For those of you who don't know, Hirons is a local Eugene pharmacy that sells anything you could possibly want. The first time I ever went there, it was to get cold medicine and I left with a random assortment of makeup and Hello Kitty stuff, but no medicine! Now it's where I get my headbands, but this time they didn't have any, so I thought I would try barrettes instead. I made one with pink flowers, one with blue flowers, and one with a red butterfly (also from Hirons).
Pink acrylic flowers on vintage pink lace 
Practicing my smile like Momma Cat asked.

Blue acrylic flowers on vintage pink lace 

Still practicing...

Red plastic "gemstone" butterfly of vintage pink lace

...too sleepy to smile
As usual, these will all be appearing on Etsy one by one over the next few days. I will also have more things made from Hirons treasures to show you soon.

Hirons is a magical place!

-Baby Cat

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Another Cute Headband for Spring

What's cuter than bows and polka dots? I have been having fun with the vintage lace and flower headbands, but when I saw this adorable polka dot ribbon at the Duck Store, I really wanted to give it a try. Once I covered a headband with it, I had just enough left over to add a cute bow on the side!

Me modeling this cute polka-dot headband
It kind of reminds me of something Minnie Mouse would wear...
This will be on Etsy soon, along with the vintage lace ones I posted earlier in the week. I will be adding one a day until they are all up, so stay tuned.

How many more things will I find to make into cute hair accessories?

-Baby Cat

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Start off your spring with a bit of sparkle!

Coming soon to a Laughing Cat Etsy shop near you...

New vintage lace headbands with acrylic flowers just in time for spring!

Pink vintage lace with pink acrylic flowers

Pink vintage lace with blue acrylic flowers

Spring is almost upon us. With flowers popping up everywhere on campus and a few rare but wonderful days of sun in Eugene, it's all this little cat can think about! That's why, in the midst of studying for finals, I had to whip up a few spring inspired headbands. They are similar to the ones I did for Valentine's day, with vintage lace and flexible headbands for those of you who are tired of having your poor little skull squeezed to death by evil, rigid headbands (I know I am). What gives these a springtime twist is the translucent pink and blue acrylic flowers from Joann's. The colors and the way they catch the sun just says "spring" to me! Perfect for an Easter picnic or spring vacation, these headbands will give any outfit springtime sparkle!

Dreaming of flowers and sunshine,

Baby Cat