Monday, September 16, 2013


Well, you know what they say about bad pennies that keep turning up?  This afternoon this guy showed up in my living room and cleaned out our candy dish!  

Teufel II stealing all our Werthers from the candy dish!

He just walked in and went right for it.  It was almost as if we weren't even there.  He had absolutely no respect at all!

The worst part was that he took all the candy!  He didn't even leave one piece!  He said there was nothing I could do about it, and if I complained he'd tell the people at Weight Watchers about my candy stash!  Like they'd care.  He also told me that if I replaced it, he'd be back to collect it.  Then he laughed and ran out the door.  

I can only guess that he went back to be with his little friend Teufel, wherever it is that the little devils live.  We can't say that word on this blog!  

- Momma Cat

Sunday, September 15, 2013


Last night Bubbles came to stay at the Cat family's house.  But, it was so late at night, she just wanted to eat and go to sleep.  Typical cat, huh?

This morning she was much refreshed and agreed to having her photo taken with some bird friends she made along her journey. I asked them what their names are, but they are so very hard to understand.  I think they said "Peep and Cheep", but I could be wrong.

Bubbles showing off her two new friends

Give a cat a box and they'll play in it every time!
 Bubbles is the friendliest cat I've ever seen!  Last time I saw her she was running through the backyard with the birds on her back playing "horsey".  I've never laughed so hard!  

Pretty soon her lovely friends will have to fly away.  Bubbles is sad.  But at least she has all of her siblings to hang around with.  

- Momma Cat

Thursday, September 12, 2013


Last week, Momma Cat accompanied Baby Cat and Baby Brother Cat on their weekly excursion to Things From Another World comic book store and Main Street Collector's Mall (the site of a wonderful old-fashioned soda fountain and many delightful items of all kinds, from antiques to more recent creations.)

Look what we found at the Collector's Mall! This tiny, pink bathroom set is in excellent condition and made out of porcelain and wood, so it looks very realistic! 

Miniature pink bathroom from Main Street Collector's Mall

Sewing machine and dress form from a kit

Dining room set that Baby Cat put together from one of Grandpa Cat's kits

Baby Cat has been accumulating quite a lot of nice miniature pieces, including the two furniture kits she has made, and numerous gifts from our sweet friend, Jennifer of Plush Pussycat. Hopefully we will see some of them in a dollhouse soon!

-Baby Cat

Sunday, September 8, 2013


This baby doll pattern is one that I got from  The pattern name is "Sleeping buddies, lavendar stuffed doll".  I made a few changes to the doll because I wasn't satisfied with how she looked when I was done.

I added hands and feet, and a little bit of hair and blush.  I also had to modify the hood to fit my doll.  I changed  the mouth, and I added safety eyes. Then I stuffed her with regular polyester stuffing, no lavender.

So this is my little doll,

Candy doll

I've named her "Candy".  I hope you like her.  She's made out of Ultra Pima Cotton, and Bamboo Pop yarn, all purchased from Yarntastic Fiber Arts in Sellwood, Portland, Oregon.

Please leave me a comment and let me know what you think of my little Candy doll.

- Momma Cat

Thursday, September 5, 2013


Last night, after a long warm day, it started to thunder and lightning.  Then it began to rain.  I was trying to get ready for bed when I heard a loud commotion going on out in our living room.  I ran out to see what the trouble was, and this is what I saw!

Teufel kidnapping Betty

This little red devil dude was carrying off my new Betty Boop doll!  I just purchased her at a doll show last Saturday and we were only beginning to get acquainted! 

When I asked little Red  who he was and what the heck he thought he was doing?  He said, "My name is Teufel, and I don't think I'm doing anything.  I am taking this lovely young thing back to my den with me!"  Then he ran out the door and down the street so fast I could scarcely see him go!

The really weird thing about it was, Betty was chattering and giggling the whole time!  I think she was really enjoying herself.  

I'm pretty mad though.  It's not every day that you're able to find a Betty Boop doll and now this Teufel guy has stolen her from me! 

- Momma Cat

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Get our original patterns on Etsy!

Remember these guys? If you like Baby Cat's sock monsters (or think you can do better), you can now get the pattern in our Etsy shop for only $5! The pattern is fully illustrated and comes in a pdf format  that you can download immediately after you purchase it, so no waiting and no paying for shipping! This is the first of several original patterns we plan to make available on Etsy, so stay tuned and let us know if there is any specific pattern we have made that you would like a copy of.

-Baby Cat