Friday, February 21, 2014


Baby Cat's Futuremom (also known as FiancéCat's mom and Maureen Cat) has been working on a very special wedding gift for Baby Cat!

Baby Cat received this gorgeous hand-crocheted keepsake purse from Futuremom Cat this past weekend! The cream-colored yarn that Futuremom used matches the beautiful stole that Momma Cat made for Baby Cat, so they will go perfectly together! A brooch fit for a princess, and stunning beaded details in Baby Cat and Fiancé Cat's wedding colors (blue and silver, if we haven't already mentioned it) make this wonderful gift even more special.

Baby Cat found another lovely surprise inside the purse, this sweet handkerchief with delicate blue lace around the edges, the perfect "something blue."

Futuremom Cat even took great care in wrapping the gift. Baby Cat loves the sparkly blue fabric she used, and the pretty white and silver box!

Thank you for the amazing gift, Futuremom!


Baby Cat

Monday, February 17, 2014


Yesterday morning Jennifer of Plushpussycat, and I (Momma Cat) went to the Crossroads Doll & Teddy Bear Show over at the National Guard Armory.  We got there early, so we had a little easier time looking around before it got crowded.

We both have such different interests, we kind of split up for a while and went exploring on our own.  When I found something wonderful I would ask her opinion, and vice-versa.  Also, we each kept an eye out for treasures that the other one mind be interested in.  It worked out great! We each found several things we liked, and we didn't spend a lot of money!  

Let me just say that I don't ever have any trouble finding things I like or want to have at the doll show.  It's quite the opposite!  My trouble is finding things that are within my budget, and sticking to a budget!

Anyway, the first thing I found that I purchased was this cute little baby doll.

Cute little baby doll with original clothing (Irwin Baby?)

She's made of hard plastic and has her original clothes.  Her arms and legs move, but her head doesn't.  Her tag said she was an Irwin Baby.  I haven't done any research yet, so I don't know what era she's from or anything.  I just know that she's cute, and she only cost me $4.95!  I think she's adorable.  She's also tiny, so I won't have any trouble finding a place for her.  

My next find was this adorable jointed doll.  

J doll, she has joints everywhere and is infinitely poseable! She just needs some duds!

She's a J doll.  Again, I haven't researched her.  But she's  a sweet looking doll and I really like her potential.  She has joints everywhere, so she be posed any way I want.

She came with  a bag of clothing, which I don't particularly like, but I can create new clothing for her and dress her any way I want, so that's a good thing.  She doesn't have any shoes either, but since I only paid $10. for her, I think I got a great bargain.  

I can't wait to dress her!

Last but not least, this adorable Tiny Betsy McCall doll, made by the Robert Tonner doll company.

Robert Tonner Tiny Betsy McCall Doll with handmade clothing. So cute!

Betsy McCall dolls have always been a favorite of mine.  But they haven't been made since the 1960's.  My childhood dolls were given away a long time ago, probably after I stopped playing with them.  I remember having a blond doll (which was probably originally my sister's), and a brunette doll, and a little round pink hatbox shaped trunk with a ton of clothing!  

Anyway, I always look for them at the doll shows, but the old ones are too expensive for my pocketbook.  So yesterday I saw this little cutie standing all by herself and she's wearing a Halloween outfit, which I thought was so sweet (Baby Cat will covet this one!).  It turns out that the owner's friend made the clothes for this doll.  So, I added this little darling the my collection, and I only paid $15. for her!  

I also bought an amazing birthday present for my Big Sister Cat there. No, it's not a doll! But, I can't talk about it or show you any photo's until after I've sent it to her.  But keep tuned in and you'll see it in a later post!

So that's my story of the doll show!  Jennifer also had a lot of luck yesterday.  But you'll have to look at Plushpussycat blog in order to find out what she got at the doll show.  

The next Crossroads Doll & Teddy Bear Show & Sale will be on August 30, 2014.  It's at the National Guard Armory, 10000 NE 33rd Dr., in Portland, Oregon.  If you're interested, just visit their website for more information.  

-  Momma Cat 

Saturday, February 15, 2014


When Baby Cat decided which wedding dress she was going to make, I told her that I'd crochet her a shawl/stole to go with it, because we don't want the bride to have cold shoulders, do we?

Anyway, I found this beautiful pattern on and decided to make it.  Baby Cat chose Universal's Bamboo Pop yarn, which we bought at Yarntastic Fiber Arts, which is located at 6802 SE Milwaukie Avenue, in Portland, Oregon.  I had a lot of difficulty with the pattern at first. I found it very hard to understand.  At one point I almost decided to find another pattern.  But then I realized that I couldn't let it defeat me. It took me a while, but  I finally figured it out! 

This is Baby Cat's stole laying over the back of a chair.  

Baby Cat's wedding stole
 For sure it's going to look a lot better on Baby Cat!  I can't wait to see her wear it with her wedding gown.  

- Momma Cat

Thursday, February 13, 2014


A while back I decided that I needed to make myself a big cat.  I made all those little Amineko cats, and I loved them.  But I really wanted to make a large cat.  So I went to Yarntastic Fiber Arts  (my favorite yarn store) and a I found this beautiful baby alpaca chunky yarn, made by Cascade Yarns.  I used the large Amineko crocheted cat pattern from the book, My name is Amineko.  I decided that my cat needed to have a sweater too, so she would never be cold!  It is winter, you know?

Here's my kitty sitting in our rocking chair.

Avalon sitting in the rocking chair
 Now, baby alpaca yarn isn't cheap, and if I'd have known how many skeins it would take to make this little lovely, I might've chosen another less expensive yarn.  But, I didn't, so all told, Miss Avalon cost me about $120 to make.  But, she was worth it.  She is so soft and wonderful, and completely huggable, and she's mine, all mine!

I named my kitty Avalon after a character Cyndi Lauper played on the TV show, Bones.  I really like Cyndi Lauper!

I hope you like my Avalon.  She's the most well-behaved cat ever!

- Momma Cat