Monday, August 31, 2015


For those of you who may have thought that Momma Cat's been idle as of late, you couldn't be farther from the truth!  

In addition to working five days a week, albeit part-time, at JoAnn's, Momma has been very busy keeping her gardens growing.

See the little dragon fly sculpture I got from an art sale?!!  Isn't it great?!

Making this lovely crochet wrap, with lace-weight yarn.
This shawl is narrow, long, and very lightweight
Close-up view
This shawl was made of baby alpaca, and silk hand dyed and spun yarn.  It's so nice to work with!

Making all these baby gifts to send to our niece in Pennsylvania!

Crocheted bear, changing pads, blankets, and burp cloths, all hand made

A cute door sign, Peter Rabbit book, and decorative box

Can you believe all that fit in one box?!

Making all these baby gifts to take to our niece in Woodburn
All this, plus one blanket and four more burp cloths fit in one box!

Now she's working on another crochet project.  This one is a DK weight lace shawl.
Partially finished shawl
This shawl is made using Bamboo Pop yarn.  A favorite of Momma Cat's!

What Momma Cat doesn't seem to have much time for is blogging!  I'm sorry that I've been out of it, but I plan to keep on plugging away, one day at a time! That is, as soon as I get back from vacation!!!

- Momma Cat