Wednesday, February 25, 2015


Don't worry, I'm not leaving Laughing Cat, I just decided to try a more targeted brand with some of my fantasy and fairy-tale related designs. The new blog will have a different look and I will not be writing it as Baby Cat (although my Laughing Cat friends will know it's me).

The new blog is called Dream Design and can be found at this link:

Please check it out and subscribe! My goal is to update every Wednesday. And of course, Momma Cat and I will be keeping up this blog too, so don't go away!

-Baby Cat

Monday, February 23, 2015

Green Bunnies

I made two more bunnies! The lime green one was purchased by a friend for his nephew...

And the mint green one is for sale on Etsy!

I have also recently learned how to make in-person sales and reviews count toward the Etsy shop, which I'm super excited about! 

-Baby Cat

Saturday, February 21, 2015


I REALLY HATE BEING SICK!!!!!  Not only do I feel BAD, but I have no energy at all!  It really makes me ANGRY!!!!  So, mostly I refuse to get sick at all, ever!  But this week something snuck up behind me and gave me a stinkin' cold! 

Okay, so even though I've been sick all week, I still managed to produce three bears!  No, not THOSE three bears!  Angel, Rosie, and Lottie.  Those three bears!

Angel, the ivory one, is going to live in Idaho with my Aunt Dorothy.  Rosie, the pink one, and Lottie, the brown one are available for adoption.  They will stay at my house with me until suitable homes are found for them.

Here they are!

OMG, the three of them together remind me of Neopolitan Ice Cream!!!

Angel, Rosie, and Lottie
So far, I have made six bears.  I crochet them out of baby chenille yarn.  I use safety eyes and noses, so that they're safe for small children. I know I'll make a few more before I move on to something new.  

It's because I love teddys so much!

- Momma Cat

Wednesday, February 11, 2015


Among the treasures we have from Grandma Cat were molds and a pattern for these adorable mini high-heels. They would make great wedding or party favors, a beautiful accent on top of a special gift, or just an ornament on a classy lady's Christmas tree. 

I made the lacey-looking ones and the sandals from the pattern, while the solid ones were improvised to look more like one that Grandma Cat made. I made them in silver and gold crochet thread for the Etsy shop to give people a color choice and just because it's fun to see what they look like in different colors!

Crochet thread comes in so many fun colors, you will probably be seeing more than just silver and gold soon! Momma Cat and I have also talked about designing even more fun shoe styles. We promise to keep you posted!

-Baby Cat

Tuesday, February 10, 2015


Bluebeary Bear is here, complete with a blue, green, and yellow bow! He is sweet and wonderful, and oh so blue, and just waiting to be adopted!  He's soft and fluffy, just like Valentina and Russell Wilson.  

Bluebeary, cute and fluffy!

Bluebeary-his closeup

I hope someone finds him soon!

- Momma Cat

Monday, February 9, 2015


Momma Cat and Daddy Cat got me this super cute book for Christmas! It has so many different cat patterns and it would be so much fun to make all of them!

I started by making this sleeping British shorthair:

 Here he is sleeping next to his big brother, Chester.

This kitty turned out pretty cute, but the pattern recommended yarn that is a little fuzzier, which I  agreed would probably be even cuter. The next kitty (also a British shorthair) I made for Momma Cat:

Momma Cat will receive this cat someday when I get around to mailing it!

-Baby Cat

Sunday, February 8, 2015


My first crocheted teddy bear, Russell Wilson, was so much fun to make, I decided to make another one.  

This one I crocheted with Bernat Pipsqueak yarn in the color, vanilla.  She turned out so well!  I decided to name her Valentina, in honor of the upcoming Valentine's Day.  

Valentina needed an appropriate ribbon, so today I bought her a special one on my way to work.

Her she is with her beautiful new ribbon.

Valentina valentine bear

Valentina - totally squeezable and soft

Pretty soon there will be another teddy bear to join the ranks of Valentina and Russell Wilson.  Keep tuned into our blog to see what the next one will be like!  
Here's a sneak preview:

This one still needs some parts, and a name!

In the meantime, Valentina is on her way to Hawaii to become a birthday/Valentine gift for Momma Cat's big sister!  Aloha Valentina!

- Momma Cat

Monday, February 2, 2015


I loved making the purple chenille bunny so much I made two more! The blue one sold almost immediately to a friend at church, and the pink one is available on Etsy

I plan to make another blue bunny and add even more color options soon, but in the meantime, check out our Pixie Dust Necklaces! We have a variety or designs and colors, or request a custom order!

The Etsy shop is getting a new look soon, so stay tuned!

-Baby Cat