Friday, August 3, 2012

Pretty Penny

When I found Penny at a doll show years ago, she was a real mess.  She had no clothing, she was dirty, and her hair was all short and frazzled.  I don't know why I bought her.  Maybe it was her brown eyes.  Or maybe I saw some kind of potential in her.  Whatever it was, I don't know.  I just knew I had to have her. 

So I brought Penny home and cleaned her up.  This meant cleaning between her fingers, toes, behind her ears, her eyes, and every other small spot with a q-tip. 

When she was clean, she was still naked, so I found a doll clothes pattern I liked and some fabric, then made her a cute little dress and panties.  She's showing you them in the second picture.


I bought Penny's shoes and stockings from a doll catalog, and I also bought Penny a wig.  Yes, Penny's hair is a wig!  But doesn't she look great?!  She looks like a brand new doll, but she's not.  I've had her for almost 25 years and who knows how long she was around before that? 

Anyway, Baby Cat and I are now enjoying Penny and sharing her with you.  It just goes to show what you can do with a little love, cleaning solution, some fabric, and a wig! 

Momma Cat

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