Friday, August 17, 2012

Grandpa's Miniature Tools

Momma Cat recently wrote a post on some of the wonderful things we found at my aunt and uncle's garage sale that had belonged to my grandma. We also found some very special things of my grandpa's, which I would like to write about now.

My grandpa was amazing at woodworking, and some of the precious toys he made for his children and grandchildren included a dollhouse and dollhouse furniture! (The dollhouse dining room set that I am putting together right now belonged to my grandpa too.) As I have also recently taken an interest in furniture, both full-sized and miniature, I brought back these precious miniature tools that my grandpa used to make dollhouse furniture, including...

A mini table saw, for cutting pieces that would be too small for a regular table saw. I'll admit, the first time I learned how to use a table saw and was told not to cut pieces smaller than a certain size, my first concern was what I would do if I needed to cut something out for, say, a dollhouse. Well, this is it!

A mini jig saw, for detailed tiny cuts.

And a mini lathe, for turning tiny table legs and such.

These tools are so special not only because of their unique purpose but especially because they belonged to my grandpa. I am so lucky that my grandparents and parents were and are so creative and talented! They inspire me so much every day and I feel closest to my family when I am creating.

-Baby Cat


  1. I love having special things that belonged to my family. These tools of your grandpa's are wonderful! You're so lucky you share crafting in common. xo Jennifer

  2. Baby Girl,
    Get a rag and some WD 40 (Adam probably has some) and carefully wipedown all the metal surfaces of your tools. Soap and water will work for the plastic housings and cords, but be sure to dry everything thoroughly. You can use clean paintbrushes and old toothbrushes to clean the dirt out of the vents and small spaces.
    After Grandpa died, they just sat in a damp, dusty room for all these years. They really need some work to bring them back to good working condition. He would be so happy that you wanted them and proud that you will use and treasure them!
    Aunt Neeni