Thursday, August 2, 2012

Flower Pot Flo

Don't know what to do with your teeny, tiny flower pots?  How about making a doll out of them?  That's what I did!

To be honest, this is not an original idea.  I saw a photo in a magazine many years ago and thought it was a cute idea.  I bought some small flower pots, (the smaller the better) some jute, moss, a few wooden balls of different sizes, and some paint, then I went to town.

I didn't have a pattern, just a photo, so I had to kind of make it up as I went along.  The hardest part was tying the knots inside the pots to keep them in place.  I remember having to ask someone else for help with that.

Flo has been tucked away in a storage been for many years and we just unearthed her (no pun intended).  Baby Cat and I wanted to share her with you.

Flo was meant to be a decorative item.  Here you see her hanging in our butterfly bush, but in reality she should be somewhere where she won't be subjected to harsh sunlight or rain.  Like maybe a covered patio or sun porch.

Flo even looks cute seated, so she could decorate a greenhouse, a gardening shed, or any place where there's a shelf.  Like I said before, the smaller the pots you use, the better because the doll becomes very heavy and hard to work with otherwise.

We hope you like our Flo.  She is one of a kind and very special.  She belonged to my beloved sister for many years and now she has come back home to join our ever-growing collection of dolls.

-Momma Cat

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