Friday, August 31, 2012

Have You Ever Tried To Make A Poodle?

If you've ever tried to make a poodle, then you'll understand how difficult it is, for anyone other than God, that is.

First you have to crochet the body, then the head, neck, legs, tail, and ears.  Then you have to sew all the parts together correctly, so it doesn't look stupid.  Then you cover certain parts with curly little loops, so that the dog looks like it has fluffy hair.

Then you strap it to a table, hook up electrodes, raise it up through a hole in your roof, then wait for a big lightning storm.......
Just joking about that last part.

This was a pattern that I got from one of my Mom's old crochet magazines.  There were many things about this particular pattern that I didn't like. 

But the one thing I changed was the way the dog's hair was made.  I simply decided to do it my way instead of their way.  I think it looks a lot better. 

Poodles are what I call foo-foo dogs, because sometimes they are pampered and have this kind of haircut, a foo-foo do.  So, in honor of foo-foo dogs everywhere I present Francois, so named by my son.  Incidentally, his nickname is Noodles.  I  hope you like him. 

He likes to play outside in the sun.  This is Francois' summer haircut.

-Momma Cat


  1. Francois is totally adorable, Kay! You've outdone yourself with this one (or maybe he's my favorite because I love critters so much). Either way, he's way cute! Great job--good thing you didn't have to do the electrodes--whew! LOL xo Jennifer

  2. Love your poodle, Weetie! But can't figure out when you started calling Louis Noodles... Seriously, I don't remember Momma actually making one of these, but I can remember a lot of them being around in the 50's and 60's. They're sooo cute!

    1. Francois' nickname is noodles, not Louis! Would I call my own son noodles?'re right.