Saturday, May 31, 2014


While Baby Cat was making her cute Bridesmaid hair clips  I made the wedding baskets that the Bride, Groom, and flower girl will carry.  The happy couple wanted something to put their wedding favors in so that they could pass them out to all their guests when they greeted them at the reception.  So, voila!  Momma Cat got out her spray paint and went to work.  First I got a couple of really nice baskets.

Bride's basket
Groom's basket
I took them outside where I set them on a table and sprayed them with a primer coat.
After they were tacky-dry, I sprayed them with a few coats of chrome paint, just like Baby Cat used on her ring box.

After several coats of chrome paint, drying in the sun

Then we decided to do the same thing for the flower girl.  I used an Easter basket that was painted yellow.  First I had to remove all the trim and glue that was around the edge.

Little Yellow Easter Basket
Little basket being primed
 I sprayed it with primer, then with chrome paint. 

 After several coats of chrome paint it was ready to be finished.  

When all the baskets were done, I lined the bottoms with royal blue lace, and decorated the handles with blue lace, silver mesh, and blue roses!  And here they are!!!!

 Here's the flower girl basket (those white things in the background are the paper lanterns I will talk about in my next post)!

I think they turned out really well.  The Bride and Groom's basket will be filled with the wedding favors that FutureMom Cat and I made.  The flower girl basket will be filled with white and blue rose petals.  

- Momma Cat


  1. Gorgeous transformation! xo Jennifer

  2. Jennifer,

    Thank you! Just wait until they are filled with the gorgeous wedding favors that we made to put in them, and the flower petals for the flower-girl basket! Talk about pretty! You'll get to see them in person!

    - Momma Cat