Monday, May 12, 2014


Let's take a break from wedding stuff for this week and enjoy some adorable minis instead! Here are the results of Baby Cat and Jennifer's final (at least for now) miniature trade! 
I adapted my own sweater pattern from one that Jennifer found. The original was cute but difficult to get on and off because it had no buttons or snaps. The new snaps in the back but looks like a pull on sweater from the front, or it can be worn in reverse as a cardigan!
Doesn't this bear look so cute in her little crochet dress? 

Green is adorable too!

The weather wasn't quite warm enough for dresses when we made this trade, so our little model decided to put her sweater back on.

And here's Strawberry shortcake modeling a sweater of her very own!
Another cute sweater and scarf set for Strawberry Shortcake. 
Unfortunately, the lighting isn't as good for photography in my house as it was in the library (where the previous pictures were taken.) I am going to have to figure out a better setup when I take pictures at home.

In other news, and mostly as a result of trading with Jennifer, my dollhouse is coming together bit by bit!

As part of the last trade, I received this comfy sofa and two chairs. The living room is looking cozy!

Also part of the trade was this nice big bed and end table. I love the detail of the turned spindles on the bed, they look just like they would on a full-sized bed! The little table on the end of the bed looks like it would be perfect for storing knicknacks.

And here is a lovely old-fashioned desk in what might soon become the office.

The final addition to Baby Cat's dollhouse (for now)  is this pretty dresser, made complete by these perfect tiny perfume bottles I found in the sale bin at Collage!

I also got this little wine and cheese plate in the sale bin at Collage! The stem of the wine glass was broken but it was nothing a little tacky glue couldn't fix.

Baby Cat also found this amazing art doll magazine at Collage. Isn't this doll beautiful in a sort of morbid way? 

She is designed to decompose and be used as food for the little sprouts growing on her dress. Although it seems sad to see such a work of art decay, it is wonderful that it will return to the earth and create new life, unlike so many things that end up in landfills when their useful life is ended. (Not that I would ever throw this doll away, I would want to keep it!) 

The magazine includes basic instructions for making similar dolls and I am considering trying to make something similar to it on my own if I ever have the time. Until then, check out the original artist at: or I know I can't get enough of looking at her dolls!

-Baby Cat


  1. Hi Baby Cat, Nice post! I like seeing the pieces from our little trades. The dresses and sweaters are gorgeous, and your house is looking great with the new furniture. Great finds for your dollhouse at Collage too! xo Jennifer

    1. Thanks! I had a lot of fun with our trades, and with arranging everything in the dollhouse!

      -Baby Cat

  2. Baby Cat,

    You are so talented! I love the little things you've made. I'm glad you're getting some cute things for your doll house too.
    Did you know you can get miniature lawn furniture and stuff and Dennis' Seven Dees Nursery?

    - Momma Cat

    1. Thanks! I did not know that, but I should check it out. The dollhouse inhabitants will probably want to get their yard set up for summer too!

      -Baby Cat