Wednesday, May 28, 2014


I've been so busy working and trying to make things for Baby Cat's wedding, that I almost didn't get my fair entries ready in time.  To be truthful, I had forgotten about it completely until Baby Cat reminded me, a few days ago, that we had to turn in our entries on Friday!

So, I spent the last couple of days before the fair finishing up my dress, which originally was meant for Baby Cat's wedding.  But, it's just a few pounds tooooooooo tight, so I decided that it was going to a fair entry this year.  

First Premium and Best of Show Ribbons!
It looks better this way
I made it out of bright red satin embroidered with a rose pattern, which I got at (you guessed it) JoAnn's a few months ago.  It also has a lovely rhinestone rose pin at the front waistline, which I purchase at the Mill End Store.  It was supposed to be a belt buckle, but I couldn't find one as lovely as this, and it just went with the fabric so well!

Too bad it didn't fit, but it gives me incentive to lose about 10 more pounds!  Naturally I forgot to take a picture before I took it to the fair, so these are pictures of it afterward.

I entered Baby Cat's wedding stole in the fair too.  It turned out so well, and it's probably the hardest thing I've ever attempted to crochet, so I just had to do it.  Here you see it displayed in a beautiful storybook box just as it was at the fair.  Baby Cat is going to look so beautiful in it! I'm going to give it to her at her Bridal Shower.

Baby Cat's Wedding Stole got a First Premium ribbon!

Rapunzel won't let down her long hair, but she got a First Premium ribbon!
Now we have Rapunzel!  Rapunzel is my favorite houseplant.  I started her from cuttings off of another houseplant several years ago, and she just took off!  At first, she just got fuller and fuller.  Then she started growing really long!  Hence the name, Rapunzel! Right now she's probably over six feet long if you could get her to straighten out her vines.  She's a very healthy and beautiful plant, and that's why I love her so! I wanted to take her to the fair so other people could see her too.  I think she deserves to be transplanted to a bigger pot soon so she can continue to thrive!

-  Momma Cat

I'm rushing to finish my thesis project by next week so this post will be quick. I entered my wedding gloves and cake topper and they both won 1st premium ribbons! I am very happy! ( I joked that the blue ribbons match the ribbon on the cake topper, so any other color just wouldn't do.)

Click these links to see the original posts of the cake topper and gloves. Wish me luck at school!

-Baby Cat


  1. Congratulations, you two! All your wonderful ribbons are so well-deserved! xo Jennifer

    1. Jennifer,

      You are so sweet! I think you should enter some of your amazing things in the fair. You would be sure to win some blue ribbons! Maybe next year?

      - Momma Cat