Monday, May 19, 2014


Wedding Gloves
I started making these gloves to go with my wedding dress way back in December! Like a lot of my other wedding stuff, they are made with cream colored Bamboo Pop yarn, which is a current favorite of Momma Cat's and mine. It's pretty, soft, and not too expensive, and you actually get a lot out of one skein.
Jane Austen Knits

I got the yarn and the pattern book Jane Austen Knits at our favorite yarn shop, Yarntastic Fiber Arts! I was already thinking of wanting some long gloves to go with my dress, and this book had so many pretty patterns, I just couldn't resist it. I will probably knit some other, non-wedding related things from this book in the future.

Close-up of flower pattern
The flower long-stemmed flower pattern worked is a nice detail that made the gloves a little more interesting to work on while I was knitting row after row. The gloves reach 3/4 of the way up my arm, no wonder they took so long! Luckily, they weren't quite as bad as my thigh-high socks since they didn't have as many stitches per row.

Me trying on the gloves with my wedding dress! Just kidding, this is just what I happened to be wearing yesterday :)

These gloves are going to be my entry in the Multnomah County Fair this year since I haven't had time to make any dolls in awhile. Wish me luck!

-Baby Cat


  1. They're gorgeous, Baby Cat! Good luck at the fair--you should definitely win a ribbon! xo Jennifer

  2. I've seen these gloves in person and they are exquisite! Great job Baby Cat! I know you'll win a blue ribbon with those. I'm glad I'm not competing with you!

    - Momma Cat