Wednesday, August 6, 2014


Baby Cat's wedding has already taken place, so this blog entry was started before the wedding and completed just today. Sorry for the long delay, but we've been busy!  Hope you like our decorations!

Baby Cat saw some cute paper lanterns on Pinterest and got to work making a sample for FutureMom Cat and me, so that we could help make them for her wedding.  Little did we know what we were getting into!

Our box of paper flowers and other important supplies
 First we had to punch out and assemble about a MILLION paper flowers.  They all had pretty little silver beads in the middle of them.  We used tacky glue instead of hot glue, because we both hate hot glue, so things took a little longer to set up. We added some silk leaves, and then some blue lace on the bottom.  Then we left them to dry.

Here's FutureMom Cat working on one right now!

See how happy she looks!

Momma Cat adding decorations to her lantern

Here they are drying.  We had to prop them up because they roll!

Here are all the lanterns waiting to be taken to the wedding.  Baby Cat and Fiance' Cat are going to be so happy!

They are ready to be hung up on the light strings at the wedding!  

These lanterns represent countless hours of work, and endless volumes of love.  They turned out beautifully and Baby Cat and Husband Cat were able to give them to the bridal party and some of the other guests after the reception.

- Momma Cat


  1. They were gorgeous and worth all the work you two put into them, Momma Cat! xo Jennifer

  2. Thank you Jennifer! I'm glad you liked them. I'm also really glad you got to come to the wedding!

    - Momma Cat