Sunday, May 19, 2013

Kaari is here!

Momma Cat has been very busy lately!  She's been so busy she hasn't had a lot of creative time.  She's been cleaning and painting with Daddy Cat.  They are fixing up their rental house for Baby Cat and Boyfriend Cat to move into in June (More on this story later).

Anyway, she managed to finally finish another little crocheted doll that is made from the same pattern as Caolainn.  Her name is Kaari, which means "pure". 

Kaari posing for photos
Momma Cat plans to enter Caolainn and Kaari in the Multnomah County Fair on May 24th, along with one of her fairy dolls.  Wish me luck!

As you can see Kaari's dress is also made out of a vintage ladies handkerchief.  Her little purple shoes match it so well.

I hope you like Kaari.  Drop me a line and let me know what you think.

-  Momma Cat 


  1. I love the dress and matching shoes--how darling! Good luck at the fair! xo Jennifer

    1. Thanks Jennifer. I hope you get a chance to go see her at the fair. I'm working on another doll right now, but she won't be done in time for to be entered in this year's fair.

      - Momma Cat