Thursday, May 30, 2013

House Do-Over

OMG!  Daddy Cat and I have been working and working on this little house we own, trying to get it ready for Baby Cat to move into.

We have spent weeks cleaning, scraping, sanding, and painting, and there is still so much to do!  We are almost through painting the kitchen.  This is the before picture.

The before picture of the kitchen
Nothing except the ceiling has been painted in this photo.  All the light fixtures and wiring is new.   At this point we were just trying to clean, and get things sanded and prepped for painting.

This is the after picture.  The ceiling, walls and cupboards have all been painted.  It's not quite finished, the drawers are still being painted.  But, you can see how nice the colors are and how clean it looks.

The "after" picture of the kitchen

Baby Cat and I chose some fabric for the curtains last weekend.  So now we can make it look real pretty!

New kitchen curtain fabric

We can hardly wait to see how this looks hanging in the windows!

-  Momma Cat


  1. Momma Cat,

    Thank you and Daddy Cat (and Boyfriend Cat) for all of your hard work on the house. The kitchen looks beautiful! I can't wait to move in!

    -Baby Cat

    1. Baby Cat,
      You are so welcome! I can't wait until all the painting and cleaning are done so that we can all see it looking like a real home again! It'll be more special because you and Boyfriend Cat will be living in it!

      - Momma Cat