Thursday, May 23, 2013

Baby Cat's Next Project

The closer I get to summer, the deeper I go into crazy "I want to knit/crochet/sew/build every project I see" mode. I think this is mostly do to the promise of having slightly more free time than I do as a full-time student. I'm also dreaming of having a little corner in my and Boyfriend Cat's new house to set up my sewing machine and my new dress form.

The fact that I am having more difficulty than usual resisting new projects will explain the new one I just picked up. I was at the Creative Duck searching for doll dress ingredients for the doll I am making for the Multnomah County Fair, and I noticed the cutest little embroidery patterns sitting tucked in a basket in the corner. They had a bunch of different themes, from beach babes to camping. My favorite one was the travel one, because summer also makes me want to go exploring.

This is what the pattern envelope looks like.

Here are all the cute pictures I can embroider from this pattern!

Now I hardly ever embroider. I like the way it looks and it is kind of fun, but I never know what to do with it when I am done. A girl only needs so many cross stitch wall hangings, no matter how pretty they are. And if I can't get excited about the finished product, I usually just don't finish it. Most of my embroidery projects are hanging out in the bottom of my sewing basket for this very reason. So what makes this embroidery project different?

Well, I thought of all those unfinished projects and told myself I couldn't have the new pattern unless I found something cute and useful on which to embroider it. That way I would be more excited about the project and more likely to finish it. Later, when I was at Hirons, I found these adorable handkerchiefs!

The only problem is these are way too pretty to blow your nose on.

I love the lace around the edges, and I think they would be just perfect with a little embroidery to jazz them up. If the handkerchiefs go well and I don't get too sick of embroidery, I think it would be fun to try all the travel pictures on a tote bag or something. What do you think?

-Baby Cat


  1. Baby Cat, It seems that you and I have a thing for hankies! I like your idea of embroidering on those hankies. I think the tote bag idea would be a lot of fun too. You might want to line it with fabric, or maybe put some iron on backing on the back side of your embroidery to protect it. I can't wait to see how your projects turn out.

    - Momma Cat

  2. Momma Cat,

    Thanks, I like your idea of using a lining in the bag. That way nothing will get caught on the embroidery and it will look better from the inside too!

    -Baby Cat

  3. Sounds like you're going to have a super-fun summer. I like the idea of the embroidery on the tote bag--cool! xo Jennifer

    1. Thanks, I am looking forward to the summer and to having more time to work on projects! I really want to start working on my dollhouse, too, now that I will be in the same city with it for an extended length of time :)

      -Baby Cat