Friday, May 17, 2013

A Kitty for Momma Cat's Mothers Day!

Baby Cat and Baby Brother Cat weren't able to come home for Mother's Day this year.  They were too busy at school.  But, Daddy Cat  and I were able to go visit them the week before and spend some time with them.  Baby Cat was presiding over an art show opening that she was in charge of.  So, Boyfriend Cat, Baby Brother Cat, Boyfriend Cat's Mom and Dad, Baby Brother Cat's friends and some of Baby Cat's friends were there too, plus a lot of other people.  

The art show opening was a big hit.  We all had a good time at the reception, with some delicious treats and some live music and poetry reading.  We all went to Starbuck's afterward to enjoy some coffee.  It was so crowded that all the parent cats had to sit at a separate table from all the kid cats! Too bad!

Anyway, Baby Cat and Baby Brother Cat gave me my Mothers Day gift that day.  Here it is.  

A Kitty for a Cat
This is a soap or lotion dispenser.  It's so cute!  I took it home and I ordered my favorite lotion  to go in it from my Avon Lady, Angie Cat.  I can't wait until Monday, then I'll get my lotion, fill up my Kitty, and  then I'll be soft and smell good too! 

Thanks Baby Cat and Baby Brother Cat!  You made your Momma Cat very happy!


-  Momma Cat


  1. Replies
    1. Jennifer,

      You know how I love Hello Kitty! I've filled her with my favorite lotion!

      - Momma Cat

  2. Momma,

    I'm glad that you like your kitty and are getting some nice lotion to fill her with! I'm happy you could come to my last art show, it was great to see you!


    Baby Cat

    1. Baby Cat,

      I do love her! I filled her up with Orange Blossom and Verbena lotion and I use her every day. Make sure to tell Baby Brother Cat for me.

      I'm glad we got to come to your last show too. It was nice to take the trip to see you, Boyfriend Cat, and Baby Brother Cat!

      - Momma Cat