Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A Day In Gresham

Last Wednesday, instead of working, I spent almost the whole day with my good friend NadineCat shopping in Gresham.  We went to the old part of town, the downtown area, and looked at all kinds of shops.  First we went to a coffee shop called Cafe Delirium and got coffee to go. Very good coffee.  Yum!  Watch out Starbuck's!    

We went to great yarn store called Little Lamb and Ewe.  It was really nice.  They have a lot of really nice yarn and upstairs there's a big loft with lots of couches where you can go and have a knitting/crocheting party! Doesn't that sound like fun?  They also have a beautiful resident cat that we just had to pet.  She was so sweet and friendly.  I wanted to take her home with me, but the owner said I was one of dozens of people that had the same idea.  So I had to leave her there.  Dang!!

 We visited some really nice antique stores.  I don't remember all the names, but I bought these beautiful little handkerchiefs at one called All Things Beautiful Antiques.
Pretty hankies from a All Things Beautiful  antique store

Aren't they pretty?  I'm going to use them to dress some of my new little dolls in.  

 There was a cool flea market, a wonderful little jewelry/gift store, a clothing store, even a candy store!  There was also a cute little shop that sold all kinds of bags, accessories, and gift items.  I bought my friend MaureenCat a little charm there.  It was called Accent On Attitude. There a little bit of everything in that store.

NadineCat and I had  our lunch at a restaurant called Nickolas' where they serve Lebanese food.  It was wonderful!  We both had stuffed grape leaves and pita bread with tzatziki sauce.  I loved it so much! Afterward we went to a wonderful deli called Selmas, where we bought baklava and other yummy treats.

Next  time you want to have a little adventure, not too far away from Portland, just take Powell Boulevard east until you get to downtown Gresham, find a place to park your car and just walk around.  It's not that big, and you won't get lost, but you'll have a great time.  Especially if you have a good friend with you like I did!

-  Momma Cat  

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