Friday, April 26, 2013

Sock Monsters Galore!

Remember these two cuties from the art auction a couple of weeks ago? Well, someone bought them! I got slightly more than the minimum asking price but now I'm wondering if I should have charged more. I am still learning how to price things so that I get a fair price but people will still pay what I am asking. It is tricky.

Sock Monster Couple

Anyway, they now have two friends that are up on Etsy! This is Freddy, he has a compass for an eye and a milk carton cap to protect him from the elements, so he is always prepared for an adventure! Here we see him relaxing after a long day of exploring.

And this is Paige. Paige is super excited because she is trying on prom dresses and just found the perfect one! (She loves ribbons, as you can see.) 

If you want to see Paige and Freddy in my Etsy shop, you can access it by clicking on their icons in the right sidebar. Stay tuned for more dolls, including my special surprise doll for the county fair!

-Baby Cat


  1. These sock monsters are great fun! Can't wait to see more! xo Jennifer

  2. Thanks, I'm glad you like them!

    -Baby Cat