Saturday, April 27, 2013

Meet Caolainn!

Remember, I was talking about Farmhouse Antiques

 And going there to find handkerchiefs to make doll dresses out of?  Well, I just finished a dress for this little doll that I made.  Her name is Caolainn (kay+linn), it's an Irish name meaning slender, pure.  It also sounds just like my name and my sister cat's first names combined.  Yay!  I think that's the best reason to choose it, don't you?

Anyway, I started with Beth Webber's pattern for a crocheted Bleuette, which I got off of her blog, By Hook, By Hand ( made this little doll, then I created my own set of underclothes for her.  Notice that she is jointed?  This is the first jointed doll I've ever made.  It was wonderfully easy!

Caolainn with her crocheted underclothes
I used Beth's pattern for stockings and shoes too.  See how cute they are!

Then, I used one of the two hankies I purchased at Farmhouse Antiques to create the dress that Is in the next picture. 

 I got that pattern off of Beth's blog too!  She has a lot of wonderful stuff on her blog, and she's very sweet about sharing.  Thank you Beth! 

Last, but not least, I gave Caolainn a pretty little pair of pink earrings to give her outfit a little zing.  
A little jewelry is just right for this outfit

 I absolutely adore my new little doll and have already started another one!  I think the next one is going to be a blonde because I have some blue eyes I want to try.  Keep your fingers crossed.

My little Caolainn has a yarn hair wig and wig cap, which is the main difference between my doll and Beth's.  But you can use doll wigs if you prefer and can find one you like.  

Anyway, I hope you like my little doll.  I think she's precious.

-  Momma Cat


  1. Momma,

    I love your doll and her dress is so pretty! I think these dolls look beautiful with yarn hair or a doll wig, either way you can't go wrong! Now I want to make one too...


    Baby Cat

    1. Baby Cat,

      I can't wait until you're home from school and we can make dols together again! I'm glad you like Caolainn. She came out better than I expected. I am already making another doll, I love them so much!

      - Momma Cat

    2. That will be nice! Once I am in Portland again I will be able to attend Craft Circle much more regularly!

      -Baby Cat