Wednesday, January 25, 2017


It finally came!  Momma Cat's new sewing table finally arrived yesterday afternoon!  Momma has been waiting for weeks because of all the bad weather here and all over the country, but it's finally here!  

Don't think of that as a complaint!  Momma knows that trucks and drivers were stranded all across the country due to really lousy ice and snow conditions.  Momma is very grateful that they were finally able to get through it all!  Poor drivers!  Thanks to all you drivers out there!  Where would we all be without you?

After Momma Cat came home from work last night, Daddy Cat took the table out of the box and set it up in Momma's sewing room for her.  Here it is with Momma's new serger on top of it.  Isn't it cute?

Momma's New Sewing Table with her Brother 1034D on top!
Momma bought this cute little table from the website.  It's made by Arrow Cabinets, and it's called a "Gidget 1".  It's an adorable name for a little table that is sturdy and folds up, so that you can store it when it's not in use.  Or, in Momma's case, when Baby Cat and her husband come to visit and Momma turns the sewing room back into a bedroom!  Portable is nice!  It also has an adjustment in the table, so that you can raise and lower a portion of the table top, so that you can put a standard sewing machine in it, and adjust it to just the right height!

Little by little the sewing room is coming together!  It's always nice to have furniture and tools that are designed to make your crafting more delightful!!  Now let's see what Momma makes!

- Momma Cat


  1. That looks like a great set-up for sewing. Can't wait to see what you make with your new serger!

  2. Maureen,

    Me too! So far all I've gotten to do is look at it!! I don't seem to be able to find much time for sewing lately!!

    - Momma Cat