Friday, January 13, 2017


Momma Cat loves dolls!  You all know that by now.  But, what you didn't know is HOW MUCH!

Momma Cat had a Betsy McCall doll when she was little.  But somewhere during the course of time, that doll was given away.  Momma Cat has always wanted to replace her, but until recently, couldn't find an affordable option.  This little doll is exactly like the one Momma Cat had as a kitten, but this doll has a brand new outfit, by Robert Tonner!  She even has little pink shoes!  Momma bought the doll without clothing, and bought the outfit separately.  
Tiny Betsy McCall, circa 1960's

What do you think? Doesn't she look smashing in her flowery dress and little pink shoes?  Momma Cat really loves her!

After Betsy, Momma Cat found this adorable little Asian doll, by Madame Alexander, that has her own Panda bear!  She came without her tag or original box.  She and her Panda are in excellent condition!  She has cute little pigtails too!

Madame Alexander Asian doll with Panda
 Momma Cat found another Madame Alexander doll on eBay.  This one has a beautiful face and wonderful hairdo, but came without clothing.  Momma is going to make clothes for her eventually.  But, here she is as she came to Momma Cat's house.

Madame Alexander doll sans clothing

Right after Christmas, Momma found this adorable little Peter Pan doll, by Madame Alexander, and she decided to buy him.  He is in perfect condition, with his original box.  He is a welcome addition to Momma's collection, which is woefully short on boy dolls! In addition to everything else, his price was very reasonable.  
Madame Alexander Peter Pan doll

Look at him!  Isn't he adorable? She just had to buy him!  I'm sure you'll all agree!

Momma had forgotten about the Nancy Ann Storybook Dolls for awhile.  Occasionally Momma will find one at an antique store, or a doll show.  She has received a couple of them as gifts too.  She found this little adorable on eBay.  
Nancy Ann Storybook Doll

This doll is hard plastic, with moveable arms, legs, and sleep eyes.  She came without a box, or her tag.  But, she is so incredibly cute, and in very good shape, it really doesn't matter to Momma Cat at all.  Look at her sweet little face and her pretty dress.  She is very tiny too, at only 5 1/2 inches tall. 

Momma is getting quite a collection of these cute little dolls, but she has yet to find an affordable boy doll to add to them.  Oh well, the quest goes on...........

- Momma Cat


  1. I have always loved the 'Wendy' faced MA dolls; I have four from my childhood, and several from recent years. And Nancy Ann's have always been an attraction to me - without provenance you can do so much with them :-)

    Have fun with you new girls!



    1. Beth,

      I have always liked the Madame Alexander dolls too. But I never owned one until I was an adult. I have two Asian ones that I think are particularly nice. But truly, they are all cute! The Nancy Ann dolls are a fairly new discovery for me. I really like their size. You can collect a lot of them and they take up a relatively small space!!

      - Momma Cat

  2. Your dolls are so sweet - they're lucky you adopted them. I can't wait to see the outfit you create for your new Madame Alexander doll!

  3. Maureen,

    I can't help adopting them. They need Mommy's that'll take good care of them and make them things to wear! Sometimes they get adopted out to new Mommys, but only after I've gotten them squared away!

    - Momma Cat