Wednesday, January 18, 2017


Momma Cat and Baby Cat have a very sweet friend, who we will call Catcat.  Baby Cat met her while she was away at College, and she's become a very good friend of the Cat family.  

This is a picture of Catcat holding her doll doppelganger. 

Merry Christmas Catcat!!

Momma Cat bought this doll and made her an entirely new outfit, complete with shoes.  Momma had intended to sell her.  But, she and Baby Cat both thought this Madame Alexander doll looked so much like Catcat, that she just had to have her for her Christmas present!  Catcat also likes dolls!  

We probably all have doll doppelgangers out there somewhere.  Hopefully we get a chance to meet them someday! It's fun to think about anyway!

- Momma Cat