Wednesday, January 11, 2017


Momma Cat has been very busy working all through the holiday season and into the new year!  She and Daddy Cat were lucky enough to have all their baby cats home for Christmas again this year!  It was a lovely holiday, but way, way, too short!  

Momma Cat's Christmas tree

Momma Cat has been working on a few projects, which are not even close to being completed! But, one thing she did do was get her NEW SERGER out of the box, set it up, and give it a trial run!  It's so cute, and she's excited about learning what it can do!  

Momma Cat's Birthday Present!
 Momma just ordered a new sewing table so she can have a place to put her serger while still having her sewing machine set up.  She tried using an old card table.  Way too shaky!!! Her serger is a Brother 1034D.  Daddy Cat bought it for her birthday back in November and she is just now finding the time to play with it!  Thank you Daddy Cat!!!

Last week and this week there has been a lot of snow in Momma's neck of the woods!  Today the Cats woke up to snow a foot deep in the yard, so Momma was able to finally take a snow day off!

Last night before bedtime!

The view out our front door.

Our neighbor's backyard this morning.
Momma Cat's backyard this morning.  Can you see the birdbath under the tree?
So now you can see why Momma Cat didn't go to work!  The streets were impassable, and trecherous.  So She decided to stay home and sew!  

Momma is currently working on some baby gifts for a new nephew, a bag for her niece, and a crochet doll project.  Once any of these projects is completed she will show them on her blog.  Until then, stay warm and stay safe.  Stay home if you can!  And sew, sew, sew!!!

- Momma Cat


  1. Yay for snow days! It is lovely when you can stay at home and enjoy the view outside from the warmth inside :-)



    1. Beth,

      Yes it is! Unfortunately I had to work yesterday, but I have today and tomorrow off. I get to stay home and finish up some sewing projects, eat good food, and spend time with my husband!

      - Momma Cat

  2. Great photos! This snow will be something to remember next summer when it's hot outside. In the meantime, staying inside and sewing sounds like a good plan!

  3. Maureen,

    The only thing to be missed is the company of a good friend! Thank goodness for texting and emailing. We can have an ongoing conversation even if we don't get to be in the same room!

    - Momma Cat