Saturday, August 9, 2014


Oh my gosh!  Why is working at JoAnn's so much fun?  I'll tell you why!  Endless rows of fabric, that's why!  If you like to sew, and I do, then it's sort of a blessing and a curse.  

It's a blessing because you get to see all the great stuff before anyone else does!  It's a curse because you end up spending most of your paycheck on fabric, now matter how much you try not to!

Last winter I bought a whole bolt of fabric which I planned to make bedroom curtains out of.  But it wasn't quite enough for my bedroom, so I chose another fabric, and bought a bolt of that.  

A whole lot of time passed, then I saw the first fabric again!  So, I bought a couple more yards of it!  Now I'm in the process of making it into curtains because I'm going to turn Baby Cat's old bedroom into my sewing/craft room.  

Here's the fabric that I bought.

Red and Orange Poppies!  It'll match the room perfectly!


Isn't it pretty?  I love it so much, and it will keep my sewing room bright and cheery on those long winter days when I'm working on all my projects!

Now, here's the second piece of fabric, which, as you can see, has already been made into bedroom curtains for Momma Cat and Daddy Cat's bedroom!

Our new bedroom curtains
I am planning to buy a little more of this fabric to make some pillow cases, and maybe enough to start a quilt for our bed!  Daddy Cat and I really like this fabric.  It's got my favorite color (red), it's got a white background to keep the room bright, and the black just adds some depth.  There are many gorgeous fabrics that will coordinate well with it, so making a quilt will be a lot of fun!

-  Momma Cat

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  1. How exciting! New curtains really perk things up, don't they? Plus I'm thrilled that you're going to have your own sewing and craft room. I can't wait to see it! xo Jennifer