Sunday, August 31, 2014


A few weeks ago,  I went for a nice long walk with my neighbor cat, Pam.  We meandered through Johnson Creek Park, and then Westmoreland Park, which, if you didn't already know, have both undergone some extensive re-planting, and other major upgrades.  Johnson Creek Park is getting a new bridge soon, but it hasn't been completed yet. Westmoreland Park has gotten a lot of new plant life, a new boardwalk, and there's a new playground still under construction.

Anyway, I left PamCat on Milwaukie Avenue, so she could get to an appointment, and I wandered back through the neighborhood so I could meet MaureenCat at Starbuck's. 

MaureenCat and I had a nice chat while enjoying our iced coffee and tea, then we walked over  bought a few odds and ends at New Season's Market for our dinners.  

I was getting rather hungry at this point, so MaureenCat and I  both headed toward our respective homes.  On my way down 13th Avenue, I spotted a sad looking little zebra in the window of Sweetpea's, (a second-hand children's clothing store), and I had to go in and check him out.  

Good thing I did!  He was just about dying of boredom, and was a little parched after sitting in the store window for God only knows how long!  So I rescued him and brought him home for some water, food, and a nice long nap.  

I named him Zed, and I think he really likes it!  Here he is in all his glory!

Zed, just awakening from his nap

Now, Zed is a pretty laid-back guy.  In fact, he has a really hard time sitting up on his own.  But, he has promised to model for me when I try to make my own crocheted zebra pattern.  Isn't he a swell guy?  

In the meantime, Zed is planning to hang around to add a little color and fun to the place.  

Welcome to your new home Zed!

- Momma Cat


  1. He is soooo cute! I love your creations!

  2. What a cute find! I look forward to seeing your own crocheted zebra too! xo Jennifer