Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Momma Made A Little Lamb!

Momma made a little lamb.  It's fleece was white as snow.  Momma named her lamb Clarice, because she has a warped sense of humor. 

Clarice was made from a pattern that we got from Grandma's stash of crochet books and magazines.  Here's the pattern.

See how cute the little lamb in the upper left hand corner is?  I really wanted to make one, so I got some Vanna's Choice white yarn and got busy. 

The way the pattern was written made it a little difficult to follow, but I was able to sort it out.  The only thing I changed was I used 4-ply yarn instead of two strands of baby yarn that the pattern called for.  Also, I chose not to add all the little knots on top of the head and body because I didn't think it really needed it.   Let's see what you think.

I think Clarice is adorable with her little black and white polka-dot ribbon purchased from Coco and Toulouse Go Shopping.  She also has a little bell on her ribbon so she can't wander off and get lost.  Since Clarice is still a baby, she needs a lot of tender loving care.  She will be for sale at the upcoming St. Agatha Holiday Bazaar in early November. 

-Momma Cat

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