Saturday, September 29, 2012

Alice and Friend

A few weeks ago, Baby Cat, a friend, and I all went to another doll show.  This one was in Beaverton, OR, and it was all about fashion dolls.  Now, fashion dolls have never held that great an interest for me, but I have to admit that I did enjoy going.  Especially since I was in such good company! 

Among the dolls we saw were the little Madame Alexander dolls.  There were several that I would've been tempted to buy, if I didn't already own a couple.  They are so cute and their clothes are always so wonderful.  

I actually didn't buy anything that day, but going to that show made me think of the dolls I already own.  I thought maybe you'd like to meet two of the dolls that I've owned since before Baby Cat was even born.  

You will undoubtedly recognize the first doll as none other than the famous Alice, from Alice in Wonderland fame.  She is in perfect condition and has never been out of her box for more that a few minutes at a time.  Baby Cat and I both love her very much.  

 My other Madame Alexander doll is a beautiful little brunette ballerina.  I think she's very sweet as well, but Alice is my favorite.  What do you think?

She is also mint, in the box. 

 The nice thing about these little dolls is that they're easy to find, there are a million different outfits, and at the doll shows you can get a pretty good deal.  I mostly like them because of their sweet little faces. 

-Momma Cat

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