Saturday, February 21, 2015


I REALLY HATE BEING SICK!!!!!  Not only do I feel BAD, but I have no energy at all!  It really makes me ANGRY!!!!  So, mostly I refuse to get sick at all, ever!  But this week something snuck up behind me and gave me a stinkin' cold! 

Okay, so even though I've been sick all week, I still managed to produce three bears!  No, not THOSE three bears!  Angel, Rosie, and Lottie.  Those three bears!

Angel, the ivory one, is going to live in Idaho with my Aunt Dorothy.  Rosie, the pink one, and Lottie, the brown one are available for adoption.  They will stay at my house with me until suitable homes are found for them.

Here they are!

OMG, the three of them together remind me of Neopolitan Ice Cream!!!

Angel, Rosie, and Lottie
So far, I have made six bears.  I crochet them out of baby chenille yarn.  I use safety eyes and noses, so that they're safe for small children. I know I'll make a few more before I move on to something new.  

It's because I love teddys so much!

- Momma Cat


  1. So cute, Kay, and soft, too! And they do look like Neapolitan ice cream, which was a favorite dessert of my childhood. Just thinking about it makes me want a bowl of ice cream :)

    1. Now that you mention it, it makes me want ice cream too!

      - Momma Cat

  2. The bears are darling, Momma Cat. So sorry about your bug. I hope you feel a lot better already. xo Jennifer

  3. Thanks Jennifer! I'm glad you like the bears. I am having a lot of fun making them. I am feeling a lot better too, although my cold isn't completely gone yet.

    - Momma Cat