Monday, July 1, 2013

The Little House is Done!

Well, Daddy Cat and I worked our tails off, but we got most of the work on the Little House done in time for Baby Cat and Boyfriend Cat to move into.
Painted living room

We didn't do it all ourselves, though.  We had help from several different people.  Roger, our electrician came and re-hooked up some lights we had to take down in order to redo a couple of ceilings.

Kevin, our Sheetrock guy, came and put in new ceilings and patched some old walls and made them look pretty before we painted them.

Kevin fixing the "UGLY" wall

Last, but certainly not least, Jim, our painter friend, came and painted the living room, bathroom, and extra room (with Momma Cat's help), because we realized we would never get done in time without his help.  He was a godsend.  Plus he does really nice work!
Jim painting the blue bedroom

Boyfriend Cat's Mom came over a couple of times to put shelf paper in all the kitchen cupboards and drawers.  Family friend, Elizabeth Cat came and scrubbed out the refrigerator and made in look and smell nice.  Plus, she scraped paint off of the windows and made them all clean and shiny.  She also brought a beautiful housewarming bouquet for Baby Cat and Boyfriend Cat.  Very sweet!

Momma and Daddy Cat scrubbed floors until our knees were about to fall off, and we almost got them all done before Baby Cat and Boyfriend Cat showed up with the truck full of all their stuff and started to move in. 

We still have a few things to take care of, but the house is in much nicer shape than it has been for the last 30 years!  It can only get better from here on.

Here is the kitchen with the new curtains Momma Cat made for it.

Curtains on the window above the sink
Kitchen curtains in the front of the house

Earlier this week we assembled a work party to do yardwork in the front and back yards of the house.  We got a lot accomplished, but there is still a lot left to do.  We will probably have to have several more work parties to get it all done, but every little bit help!. 

Baby Cat and Momma Cat made curtains for the front door last week and tomorrow are going to work on sewing curtains for the sliding glass doors and for the living room.  Keep tuned in to see our progress!
-  Momma Cat


  1. Momma Cat,

    Thank you, Daddy Cat, and all our friends who helped get the house ready. Boyfriend Cat and I love our little house and really appreciate your hard work!

    -Baby Cat

    1. Baby Cat,

      You are so welcome. Daddy Cat and I are very happy that you and Boyfriend Cat are making our little house into a home! Love,

      - Momma Cat and Daddy Cat

  2. Beautiful job! The colors are fun, and the house looks fresh and clean. xo Jennifer

    1. Thanks Jennifer! Hopefully you will get to see it in person some time. We are busy making curtains for the windows right now. So we are still decorating. It's looking better all the time.

      - Momma cat