Saturday, July 13, 2013


MOMMA CAT MEETS GIANT GRASSHOPPER!!!!!  Sounds like one of those "B" horror movies from the 70' s, doesn't it?  Well, that just goes to show you how wrong you can be.  My story actually goes like this.....

Wow, am I a lucky cat, or what?  I live in a great neighborhood where there are plenty of parks, shops, restaurants, coffee houses, and many other things to see.  Walking through this neighborhood is not only pretty safe, but it is fairly entertaining.  It's a great way to get your daily exercise and maybe run into some friends or neighbors.  

Daddy Cat and I have been doing a lot of walking lately, and we always walk past Farmhouse Antiques, which is on 13th Avenue in Sellwood.  It's one of my very favorite places in our neighborhood.

Momma Cat's favorite antique store

Recently, I saw a wonderful giant metal grasshopper in the window.  He was made out of nuts, nails and other different metal parts all welded together.  I walked past that window day after day, then Thursday, Baby Cat and I went for a walk and we passed Farmhouse Antiques and my grasshopper was no longer in the window!  Oh no!  I was VERY sad because I really liked him, and he was gone!

Friday morning Daddy Cat and I went for our usual walk, and as we passed Farmhouse Antiques I looked in the window, just to torture myself, and he was back again!!!!!   I continued on to Starbuck's to meet my friends for coffee, and afterward my friend, Maureen Cat, and I went back to the antique store and I grabbed the giant grasshopper and made my way to the cashier and purchased him.  As luck would have it, the store was having a 15% off sale, so I got him for the low, low price of $3.80!  Doesn't that just kill you?  

Giant Grasshopper, Cael

Anyway, I just adore him. Isn't he gorgeous? I named him Cael because grasshoppers are from the suborder of insects called Caelifera.  He doesn't look so giant in this photo, I know, but in actuality he's easily twice as big as my hand.  God help us if we had a whole swarm of them around here!

One giant grasshopper is plenty if you ask me.

-  Momma Cat

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  1. Cael is adorable! What a bargain too! xo Jennifer