Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Start off your spring with a bit of sparkle!

Coming soon to a Laughing Cat Etsy shop near you...

New vintage lace headbands with acrylic flowers just in time for spring!

Pink vintage lace with pink acrylic flowers

Pink vintage lace with blue acrylic flowers

Spring is almost upon us. With flowers popping up everywhere on campus and a few rare but wonderful days of sun in Eugene, it's all this little cat can think about! That's why, in the midst of studying for finals, I had to whip up a few spring inspired headbands. They are similar to the ones I did for Valentine's day, with vintage lace and flexible headbands for those of you who are tired of having your poor little skull squeezed to death by evil, rigid headbands (I know I am). What gives these a springtime twist is the translucent pink and blue acrylic flowers from Joann's. The colors and the way they catch the sun just says "spring" to me! Perfect for an Easter picnic or spring vacation, these headbands will give any outfit springtime sparkle!

Dreaming of flowers and sunshine,

Baby Cat